150 Deadlifts and Trying a Power Pose!

Finished up the first week of four of John’s programming.    Did workout 1 yesterday at Open Gym at Craic.  It took me way longer than it should have because I get too distracted at Open Gym socializing and catching up with people that I don’t normally see during the week.  Also, people come up and chat and are interested in what workout you’re doing – so they come up and chat with me.  I tried to face away from people, but then I felt like I was being immensely anti-social and felt guilty about it and got in my head about it. It’s just something I have to get used to.

Even without the distractions at open gym, I was finding that the workouts were taking about an hour, and not giving me time to warm up or cool down at the end.  If I’m crunched for time, John advised me to remove the 5×20 dead lifts (light and fast) from workout one and the sit-ups from workout two.  Since I didn’t have a huge time crunch on Sunday, I did the 5×20 dead lifts.  That means I did 150 dead lifts in total yesterday.  150 of my least favorite movement.  I guess he’s going to force feed me this stuff until I like them?

Also,I came across this this great video of a TED Talk by Amy Cuddy about how your body language shapes who you are.  It’s a long one, but definitely worth the watch.  I’ll be working on my power pose daily 🙂  Click HERE to watch it.

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