Red Sox Win!

The Red Sox won the 2013 World Series last night and it was awesome to watch them dominate their way to a win.  One of the best (non-scoring) plays was when my husbands man-crush, Jacoby Ellsbury was caught in a pickle…and got out of it.  Too bad he didn’t get to score a run that inning.  Here’s a funny video that I could watch over and over again of it.  You should definitely watch with the volume on.


Because of this, I was up late – watching history be made and such.  Then I watched the post-game.  And in random thoughts – can they please get someone better than Erin Andrews for the host of the awards?  She is terrible.  Girl might know her sports but she was all aggro with Bud Selig when he was giving Tom Werner the championship trophy, and wouldn’t let go of the mic.  It was bizarre.  But also good to know she learned how to talk to a man and his translator between the ALCS and the World Series.  Her initial interview with Uehara was so awkward.  Great, now I’ve dedicated like three sentences to Erin Andrews.  So happy for the Boston Red Sox and not happy I’m not going to get a chance to workout today.  Staying up late messes with my sleep.

In closing, Mike Matheny (Cardinals Manager) is the best looking manager in baseball right now.





Use those hips, clean and jerk

Not a super exciting post today.  Just a status update.

Went into the gym this morning for a one on one sesh with John McEvoy to work on my clean and jerks.  Need to use those hips more (as Jarrod reminds me all the time).

Did a bunch of drills, working on hip action and getting under the bar explosively.  Also worked on stringing together singles as I prepare for Grace and trying to put together a strategy.  John mapped out what the worst case scenario might be, which still has me finishing in under 7 minutes.  So I guess my goal is to finish sub-7, not sub-10 (which I think is the time cap).

Super helpful session.  John has a good eye for these things. You would think he’s like, a professional or something.  Have added most of the drills to my homework and will also work on them as I warm up for Grace on Friday.

Also, yesterday was National Cat Day.  I didn’t bring it up in my blog because #everydayiscatday

PS. Go Red Sox!






Monday T-4 Days until Grace

I got fat pinched today.  It was gross.  I didn’t like it.  But nice to have a baseline as to where I’m at.

Before I got pinched as assessed (Jarrod was doing some OPT assessments) I did today’s workout.

Clean + Jerk – work to a heavy single (20 min cap)

Clean + Jerk / Burpee Ladder- 7min
2 Clean + Jerks @ 95
2 Burpees
4 C&J
4 Burpees
6 C&J
6 Burpees

Really trying to focus on HIP CONTACT.  I have some nice bruises to show for it (although, they are a bit too low on my legs, which means I’m pulling too soon??)  Started light-ish 3 @ 45, 3 @ 65, 2 @ 95, 115f on clean (got really in my head before I did the lift), 115, 125, 130, 140f, 135 (PR by 5#!) – clean was really messy on the 140, so I kind of deserved to fail that rep – but I wanted to see if I could at least get 135 as that was a PR (time was running out).  First attempt, I got it.  I certainly didn’t use my hips enough on the clean – but I used them more than I usually do and it’s kind of amazing how fast the bar gets up on your shoulders when you use your hips.  The jerk was like a push press – but it was relatively easy to get the bar up above my head.  I “split push pressed” it – I think.  Definitely excited to work on form a bit more and see what happens.

photo (11)

Onto the clean and jerk burpee ladder.  I was paired with Kendyl. I counted for her and she for me.  She was all “Ugh, I’m hoping to just get past 6…she crushed it with 8+12.  She’s a great motivator.  Did no push-up burpees – as push-up burpees didn’t feel great on the shoulder.  Jarrod warned us that 2, 4, 6 were going to be easy – and once we hit 8 things might start to fall apart if we didn’t pace ourselves.  My goal was to just keep moving and if I had to take a break, no too long of one.  Ended up doing 8+8.  Gave me a bit of confidence, as that’s 28 C&J with burpees in between and it was under 7 minutes.  I just want to do under the time cap for Grace on Friday.  My legs really started getting tired more than anything on this workout (and my internal engine).






Had some plans Sunday morning and didn’t make it to the gym (yesterday was a rest day).

Jarrod posted that he was going to be at the gym from 6-7 and was nice enough to open it up for people in case they wanted to get a workout in.  Super stoked.  Got in there and worked on hip contact on my cleans, as I am definitely not consistently using my hips enough on cleans.  Went up to 65 and practiced cycling through some clean and jerks because I have a hard time with the transition and want to work on that for Grace on Friday. Still needs work.  I’m a bit frantic on the transition.  My goal is to finish under the 10 minute time cap 🙂

Then I did my pull-up homework.  Here is where I’m definitely seeing results.  I did 3 x ME blue-band pull-ups with :04 negatives and 2:00 rest in between.  I did 3, 3, 2.  First time I’ve been able to do three of them in a row with the blue band (yay! progress!).  Next were 5×10 wide grip ring rows – I focused on keeping my shoulder blades down.  Then, in another place I am seeing progress – I did 3 x 15 dumb bell curls and was able to do all 15 reps UB with 15#.  Progress is good.

After, I watched Jarrod do some Leif – Thrusters.


Feel the Fear

One of my goals was do to get my shoulder better and do Grace Rx.  Craic has been doing a lot of prep for Barbells for Boobs – which they will be holding on Friday, November 1st.  I have kept it cautious and thought that if I did B4B next year, I’d do 65# like last year and see if I could improve my time.  But if you read last year’s post – my main takeaway from the 2012 Barbell for Boobs was that I couldn’t wait to do Rx in 2013.  Truth is, my shoulder is feeling better – but I am really scared.  I’m scared about hurting myself again.  I’m scared about actually doing the Rx weight and crashing and burning.  I’m scared of a DNF.  I’m scared about putting myself back on a path to being better only to have something derail my progress again.   Blargh!

Today, our workout was 3 rounds of 10 clean and jerks with 2:00 rest in between.  I was going to go the safe route and do 65#.  Jarrod, pushing me a bit – suggested I do one round at 65#, another at 75#, and the third at 85#.  But then I saw Judy L.’s bar sitting on the floor at 95# and decided to do a couple of reps to see how it felt.  It was heavy, but there was no pain when I clean and jerked it up.  I looked at Judy and she just said “Do it.  Do it!” and I thought what the hell – I would try and worse case was that I could drop the weight if the rounds became untenable.  So I started.  First round was okay.  My first rep I completely hyper extended my back. I think just getting the jitters out.  I decided to do singles and re-group at the bottom.  Not sure if that’s the best strategy – but it’s what I planned to do.  The last couple of reps in the first round got tough (Jarrod also gave me a queue to use my hips more) and then I started over thinking the clean.  Second round felt about the same as the first round except my legs got more tired.  Third round, last three reps.  Ugh.  I had to press the jerk up as I didn’t get underneath the bar in rep 8.  Rep 9, I really focused on getting under the bar and it went up fast.  Rep 10, same as rep 8.  I was GASSED.  But I finished.  I was able to do 30 clean and jerks at 95# with no pain (well, no bad pain…)  Granted it was broken up – but now I really have no excuse to not do 95# next week.  Looking back, I was grateful for the push from Jarrod and Judy.


I read a book awhile ago, per my pal Katie’s suggestion called “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.”  Katie was scared of putting herself out there in a competition format.  Terrified.  Since reading the book, she has done multiple competitions and becomes more confident every time.  I have no idea how next Friday will go.  No idea at all.  I’m going to work with Jarrod to figure out a plan so I can have some control over what my rep scheme is – but really, all I can do is feel the fear and do it anyway.

If you are reading this and feel like donating to this great cause, click on the picture below and it will take you to my donation page.  Thanks!




I had some ribs for lunch. All in spirit of the awesome intercostal strain I have in the front AND back of my ribs. Nothing like random stabbing pain. Womp womp. Taking a couple days off to rest it and then will just be careful in my workouts for the next three weeks. My PT said that it will get better – but will take three weeks or so to feel better. Nothing I can really do. Just avoid large capacity metcons as breathing deep and heavy could be an issue. Good news is that I can workout though so I’m not completely SOL. Here’s me hanging with Izzy with ice and stim wrapped around my ribs.


Double Ugh-ders

Conversation of the morning.

Coach Dizzle: Yo, Sweeney – have you done a muscle-up yet?

Sweeney: Nope

Coach Dizzle: Why not?

Sweeney: Because I have no coaching.

(awww, snap, son!)

I interrupt this post for a short public service, non-Crossfit announcement / rant. Ladies.  If you’re gonna wear heels – learn how to walk in them.  They’re supposed to make you look sexier, not like a duck or a cowboy. I mean, seriously. <eom>


Today’s workout was straight forward:

A1.5×10 Shoulder Press
A2. 5×10 Wide Grip Ring Rows


7min AMRAP
7 Wallball
7 Pullups
14 Double Unders

I did 45, 50, 55, 55, 55 – the last two sets were ROUGH.  Did the first four sets UB, but I barely got the 10th up on the 4th set.  Had to break up the last set into 5-3-2 reps.  On the bright side, I got to do some clean skill work.  Ring rows were straight forward.  #strictpressbehardyo

The AMRAP sucked ass.  Wall balls weren’t bad, just trying to get into a rhythm with those.  They were worse on the arms than the were on the legs after part A.  And then the double unders.  Initially was going to go for 14 of them – but ended up having to go for attempts as I couldn’t string together more than 3 to save my life.  BLECH.  While I did all the wallballs and RR UB, the double unders held me up big time.  Only managed to get 4 rounds in.

Since I did the ring rows, I decided to do the remainder of my pull-up homework.  Did 3×12 of barbell bi-cep curls at 35#.  They were pretty damn heavy.  Then I did the 3xME of blue band pull-ups with :04 negatives.  The first two sets I managed to get two per set – but the last one, I just missed getting my chin over the bar.




Susie Diesel

So there are two videos of my pal Susie Diesel that I can’t get enough of:

I only posted this one because she was TOTALLY FINE after it happened.  And now that you know that, you can be guilt free about watching it over and over again and laughing your ass off.  She is one of the most bad ass people at Craic – and can totally laugh at herself.  Notice how John kept on filming after she hit herself in the face.  I still can’t watch this without a good chuckle escaping.

And this is the bad ass that is Susie Diesel.  She’s been working really hard about improving her form and had a 15# PR today on her clean.  This is at 170#.  I mean, serious #beastmode.  So proud of my friend.  Her form  looked great.  It’s such a pretty lift.  LOVE.  IT.

She just started blogging, and you can check it out HERE.  She’s a bad ass.


Sunday Funday

Niko and Hobo blowing up sh*t in Los Santos #GTAV on a Sunday evening

Niko and Hobo blowing up sh*t in Los Santos #GTAV on a Sunday evening

Was planning on going to mobility class and then doing my pull-up homework that John gave me on Sunday early morning, but class got changed to 12:00PM and I had already made plans to go to brunch with a pal.  Was bummed until I checked Facebook around 3:30PM and Jarrod posted that he was going to open up the gym from 4-8 in case we wanted to come in and get our #swole on.  Immediately changed my clothes and headed in.

Did some shoulder mobility work after a quick warm-up on the air dyne.  Then did the homework.

  • 3 x M.E. blue band pull-ups with :04 negatives back down to full hang.  2 minutes rest between
  • 5 x 10 ring-rows – wide grip
  • 3 x 15 bicep curls

I was only able to do 2 blue band pull-ups per round.  But considering I couldn’t do any blue band (or green band) pull-ups when I started – I’ll take it.  The ring rows were good shoulder work.  Jarrod had to correct the positioning of the rings for me as I was originally doing them from a weird angle.  I used a barbell for the bicep curls and went too light.  Need to add more weight next time.

Then I did some clean skill work with Lisa D.  Nice to work with someone and check each other’s form.  We basically have the same issues (not using enough hips).  Jarrod gave us a bunch of pointers.  Some of which were overwhelming to process!  So many things to think about when working on form.  But he gave us a tip about our knee position which seemed to help me a bit.  Callahan also pointed out that I was bending my arms too early.  Definitely good to work on it and nice to get some feedback from the others in Open Gym.

Messed around a bit with OHS.  Just to see if I could do them without pain.  Channeled my inner PT Craig’s voice in my head and really was sure to make sure my scapulae were down and stable.  15# was great.  Went up to 35# and did three of them.  They felt fine.  Not as stable as I would have liked them to be, but it will take work to get there 🙂  As Jarrod says, I have plenty of time – I’m not quitting Crossfit anytime soon.

I think I’m getting sick.  Was chills / hot all last night (maybe it’s menopause!) and also have a sore throat.  So bummed because was looking forward to today’s workout and also some tri-cep work with Nicole M.  BOOOO.  Maybe I’ll rally and head in tonight – but not feeling great right now and hoping to make it through the day at work.