Birthday Cherry Picking

So I was doing the programming that John put together for me (that I mentioned in a post HERE) – and even though it was working (see post about blue band pull-up HERE) – I wasn’t enjoying it at all.  It was the same two workouts over and over again and while there are a LOT of people that can deal with that…I just couldn’t.  The things about Crossfit that has kept me going are (1) the constantly varied training and (2) working out with my pals.  I found that I wasn’t looking forward to training and then creeping back into old habits like finding excuses not to go and workout.  After some reflection – I decided not to continue with that aspect of training… for now. Once my shoulder is in a better place and I’ve met my weight loss goals – I think that’s when I will re-visit the personalized programming.  I feel like it was doing me more harm than good, as mentally it was making me not like working out. 

Having said that I’m back at it from the “hiatus” from group classes.  Ended up going to the 9AM because I took Monday and Tuesday off from work.  More on Tuesday later.  Niko was home as well – so we went together.  Workout was:

A1. Front Squat 5×8 (intermediate)
A2. Muscle-up/Pullup Progressions – you pick the reps and progression you are currently working on

I got to workout with Cyndi and Ann.  Was great working out with them and I was happy to be back in classes.  Jarrod told us that we should try to stick with the same weight, and if it seemed too light after 3 rounds – to go up in weight.  So I did: 125, 125, 125, 135, 140.  I was going to stick with 135 for the fifth round, but Cyndi pushed me to do 140 and it was a good decision.  I really want that ass of a master squatter.  Right now, I suffer from Nasitol (No Ass at All) and I’m hoping to get rid of this terrible affliction. I did various pull-up progressions jumping, negatives, and bi-cep curls.  I really want to test my back squat and front squat at some point in the near future.  


Yesterday was my birthday and I’ll admit here I CHERRY PICKED my workout.  I most certainly did.  I saw 75 burpees and thought…I’d rather spend my time doing something else on my birthday. Sure, it will contribute to overall fitness – but then I thought of my pal ASAP’s post on his blog called What do I need? – “Everything that happens in your short life is either due to nature or a result of a decision that someone, usually you, made.” Not sure if that’s a quote he got from somewhere or his own quote – but what happened to me by making the decision not to workout yesterday was that I had a perfect birthday.  I got to drive around in my new car, go into work to eat a piece of gluten free chocolate sour cherry cake someone made for my birthday,o see Gravity (okay, so this crappy movie made my birthday not perfect…but better than doing 75 burpees),got a pedicure, ate some amazing food (including the Omakase dinner from Cafe Sushi), hung out with some friends, and got to hang out with Niko all day!  It’s rare when you hit your 30’s that you actually have your birthday off from work – so I took advantage of the day and didn’t do burpees.

I got a ton of FB birthday wishes, but this was one of the fave images posted on my wall

I got a ton of FB birthday wishes, but this was one of the fave images posted on my wall by my pal Kirsti

Me and Niko at my birthday dinner

Me and Niko at my birthday dinner

Maine Sea Urchin sushi - one of many pieces of deliciousness at Cafe Sushi

Maine Sea Urchin sushi – one of many pieces of deliciousness at Cafe Sushi

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