Fran with an F

So, Fran.  The dreaded workout by most Crossfitters.  Since I did a highly modified version of Fran – I don’t really consider it Fran.  But something about the name just makes my stomach churn.  I was anxious all day even though I knew I wasn’t even going to do Fran as Rx.  We had running Fran programmed – which was:

Run 400m
21 Thrusters
21 Pullups
rest 1min
Run 400m
15 Thrusters
15 Pullups
rest 30sec
Run 400m
9 Thrusters
9 Pullups

So, my PT throttled me at 45# at a max, so I put that on the bar and tried out some thrusters.  I had some sharp pain, so I bumped down to 35# and it seemed fine.  After talking to Coach Ben, I decided to do the workout with 35# because i could get range of motion of the thrusters vs. just doing front squats at a light-ish weight (for me) because I didn’t have knee sleeves and didn’t want to do 45 heavy squats.  In the warm up run, my shin started hurting, as did my ankle so I was forced to do the air dyne.  Since I took a brief hiatus from running, I need to ease back into it again.  I also did ring rows.  Overall, it was a good burner workout for me and I finished in 12:21 (10:51 if you take the rests out).

I’m not the only one with those feelings about Fran.  One of the funniest moments I’ve seen is that fellow Craic Head posted on Facebook during a Friday Night Fran something to the effect of making Fran his bitch.  And this poor woman, who was also his Facebook friend (who doesn’t do Crossfit) posted “You mean Fran from church?  What did she do?”  HAHAHA.  Love it.  Maybe I’m not expressing this story as well as I could…but just thinking about it makes me chuckle a bit.





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