I’m really trying to make a concerted effort to get back to a consistent schedule.  To that end, I started going to the 6:30AM classes again this morning.  To ease Jarrod back into me attending his classes, I was sure to ask A TON of questions.  I might email him a couple of times per day this week just for old times sake.  I’m going to try to make it to only the 6:30AM classes during the work week moving forward.  The 7:30PM class was great, but the option to go hurt my workout schedule.  End of day classes are easy to find an excuse to miss.  So, in my head for now, the 7:30PM class is not an option unless I have an emergency in the morning (which I never do).

Today’s workout:

A. C+J – work to a challenging single – stop when form breaks down
B. 10 sets of 2 unbroken @ Grace Weight for time
C. Annie – 15min Cap
Double Unders

Told myself I wasn’t going to go over 95# today and kept with that.  Jarrod told me that I wasn’t dipping fast enough and was going to low on my jerk.  Once I made my adjustment, it’s amazing how easy the bar went over my head.  🙂 They felt good at 95#.  For the Grace weight, I limited myself to 65# because of the amount of reps.  Ended up going through this fairly quickly – 2:12. My shoulder is bugging me and the swinging movement for sit-ups wasn’t working for me.  So I modified, and per Jarrod’s suggestion did hanging leg raises.  I also modified the amount of double unders because of the amount that we were doing (and I’m not consistently quick at them).  So I just cut the amount of them in half and only counted completed reps.  First round…boom!  25 unbroken (a new PR).  Still slamming my feet into the ground and jumping high.  Need to work on that.  The leg raises SUCKED ASS.  But it was a good stretch for my shoulder.  My forearms were toast as were my legs, hips, and abs by the time all was done.  Final time was 11:30.

Went home and had my new protein shake concoction.  John wants me to get some protein in right after a workout.  So I created this.  Get my caffeine fix and recovering post workout.  Here’s the recipe:

  • 100mL of the cold brew coffee concentrate.
  • 200mL water.
  • 100mL of the Califia Double Expresso with almond milk.
  • One scoop of SFH PURE Vanilla.

photo 1 (17)

I wore a new cat t-shirt to Craic today.  Here it is (plus Hobo being a little creeper in the background).  I’m a hot mess (this is post-workout) in the pic, but I love the t-shirt.  Also, I’m wearing my fave pair of sweatpants because it was quite cold this morning!

photo 2 (17)

And finally, I love how my husband embraces my Crazy Cat Lady.  He’s the best!  He started a new job today – and this was his new view.  Congrats to Niko and his new job!

photo 3




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