Today’s workout:

A. Hang Clean + Jerk from above the knee – work to a Max
B. Drop to 85% and do 12 singles
30min cap on the above for A+B
C. 21-15-9
Push Press

Decided to not question things and go for a heavier weight today.  Wasn’t sure how heavy I was going to get – but was going to stop if it hurt or I felt like I was greatly sacrificing form (it’s not worth getting re-injured).  We did a different hang clean than normal.  We slowly lifted the bar to above the knee, paused and then cleaned from there.  Jarrod kept on telling me to use my hips more and fall into a squat when I catch the bar.  I was catching the bar way back.  But the pull itself felt good and didn’t irritate my bicep.  The jerk part was actually SO MUCH easier than the clean. I was confident once I got the bar up to the rack position, I could do the jerk,  Went 75, 95, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130(f on clean).   Really happy with 125 – it’s about 10# from my PR for clean and jerk.  Really need to work on that hip action.  It’s nice to see some progress and throw some weights over my head again.  The 130 didn’t even get past my hips.  Hmmm.  I wonder why.

I did 106 for part B.  They were relatively easy.  Then I went and did 65# for the push press and ring rows.  Final time was 5:00 flat.  Despite Jarrod’s directions to not hyper extend our back, I did that a couple of times.  Need to work on keeping my core tight during those.

Then did some supplemental work to get strong for the pull-up situation.  Did three sets of 10 wide grip ring rows and then did some bicep sets.  Jarrod yelled at me to try using the barbell – and Nicole gave me some tips on how to do barbell bi-cep curls.  Even with the 15# bar – it was tough!  Will be doing those moving forward.  She was a good coach.  Although I’m not sure I’ll make the sounds she suggested when I bring the barbell up (sometime, I’ll get it on video…)





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