Double Ugh-ders

Conversation of the morning.

Coach Dizzle: Yo, Sweeney – have you done a muscle-up yet?

Sweeney: Nope

Coach Dizzle: Why not?

Sweeney: Because I have no coaching.

(awww, snap, son!)

I interrupt this post for a short public service, non-Crossfit announcement / rant. Ladies.  If you’re gonna wear heels – learn how to walk in them.  They’re supposed to make you look sexier, not like a duck or a cowboy. I mean, seriously. <eom>


Today’s workout was straight forward:

A1.5×10 Shoulder Press
A2. 5×10 Wide Grip Ring Rows


7min AMRAP
7 Wallball
7 Pullups
14 Double Unders

I did 45, 50, 55, 55, 55 – the last two sets were ROUGH.  Did the first four sets UB, but I barely got the 10th up on the 4th set.  Had to break up the last set into 5-3-2 reps.  On the bright side, I got to do some clean skill work.  Ring rows were straight forward.  #strictpressbehardyo

The AMRAP sucked ass.  Wall balls weren’t bad, just trying to get into a rhythm with those.  They were worse on the arms than the were on the legs after part A.  And then the double unders.  Initially was going to go for 14 of them – but ended up having to go for attempts as I couldn’t string together more than 3 to save my life.  BLECH.  While I did all the wallballs and RR UB, the double unders held me up big time.  Only managed to get 4 rounds in.

Since I did the ring rows, I decided to do the remainder of my pull-up homework.  Did 3×12 of barbell bi-cep curls at 35#.  They were pretty damn heavy.  Then I did the 3xME of blue band pull-ups with :04 negatives.  The first two sets I managed to get two per set – but the last one, I just missed getting my chin over the bar.





  1. the muscle up conversation made me laugh. Yesterday my coach refused to give me a high-five because I didn’t get a sub 5 Fran and i said if he pushed me half as hard as he pushed another girl at the gym I’d probably gotten closer to 4 than 5. I try and push myself as hard as I can but nothing is as motivating as a coach yelling in your face!

    • Your coach sounds like a jerk face for not high-fiving you after your awesome Fran time yesterday!

      Dizzle is actually a really awesome coach. Just enough support when you need it mixed with a dose of reality when you need it. He gets in your face when you need it – but doesn’t take himself too seriously. Which I love (hence the picture of his milky white thighs in the above).

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