Susie Diesel

So there are two videos of my pal Susie Diesel that I can’t get enough of:

I only posted this one because she was TOTALLY FINE after it happened.  And now that you know that, you can be guilt free about watching it over and over again and laughing your ass off.  She is one of the most bad ass people at Craic – and can totally laugh at herself.  Notice how John kept on filming after she hit herself in the face.  I still can’t watch this without a good chuckle escaping.

And this is the bad ass that is Susie Diesel.  She’s been working really hard about improving her form and had a 15# PR today on her clean.  This is at 170#.  I mean, serious #beastmode.  So proud of my friend.  Her form  looked great.  It’s such a pretty lift.  LOVE.  IT.

She just started blogging, and you can check it out HERE.  She’s a bad ass.


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