Monday T-4 Days until Grace

I got fat pinched today.  It was gross.  I didn’t like it.  But nice to have a baseline as to where I’m at.

Before I got pinched as assessed (Jarrod was doing some OPT assessments) I did today’s workout.

Clean + Jerk – work to a heavy single (20 min cap)

Clean + Jerk / Burpee Ladder- 7min
2 Clean + Jerks @ 95
2 Burpees
4 C&J
4 Burpees
6 C&J
6 Burpees

Really trying to focus on HIP CONTACT.  I have some nice bruises to show for it (although, they are a bit too low on my legs, which means I’m pulling too soon??)  Started light-ish 3 @ 45, 3 @ 65, 2 @ 95, 115f on clean (got really in my head before I did the lift), 115, 125, 130, 140f, 135 (PR by 5#!) – clean was really messy on the 140, so I kind of deserved to fail that rep – but I wanted to see if I could at least get 135 as that was a PR (time was running out).  First attempt, I got it.  I certainly didn’t use my hips enough on the clean – but I used them more than I usually do and it’s kind of amazing how fast the bar gets up on your shoulders when you use your hips.  The jerk was like a push press – but it was relatively easy to get the bar up above my head.  I “split push pressed” it – I think.  Definitely excited to work on form a bit more and see what happens.

photo (11)

Onto the clean and jerk burpee ladder.  I was paired with Kendyl. I counted for her and she for me.  She was all “Ugh, I’m hoping to just get past 6…she crushed it with 8+12.  She’s a great motivator.  Did no push-up burpees – as push-up burpees didn’t feel great on the shoulder.  Jarrod warned us that 2, 4, 6 were going to be easy – and once we hit 8 things might start to fall apart if we didn’t pace ourselves.  My goal was to just keep moving and if I had to take a break, no too long of one.  Ended up doing 8+8.  Gave me a bit of confidence, as that’s 28 C&J with burpees in between and it was under 7 minutes.  I just want to do under the time cap for Grace on Friday.  My legs really started getting tired more than anything on this workout (and my internal engine).





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