Use those hips, clean and jerk

Not a super exciting post today.  Just a status update.

Went into the gym this morning for a one on one sesh with John McEvoy to work on my clean and jerks.  Need to use those hips more (as Jarrod reminds me all the time).

Did a bunch of drills, working on hip action and getting under the bar explosively.  Also worked on stringing together singles as I prepare for Grace and trying to put together a strategy.  John mapped out what the worst case scenario might be, which still has me finishing in under 7 minutes.  So I guess my goal is to finish sub-7, not sub-10 (which I think is the time cap).

Super helpful session.  John has a good eye for these things. You would think he’s like, a professional or something.  Have added most of the drills to my homework and will also work on them as I warm up for Grace on Friday.

Also, yesterday was National Cat Day.  I didn’t bring it up in my blog because #everydayiscatday

PS. Go Red Sox!






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