Red Sox Win!

The Red Sox won the 2013 World Series last night and it was awesome to watch them dominate their way to a win.  One of the best (non-scoring) plays was when my husbands man-crush, Jacoby Ellsbury was caught in a pickle…and got out of it.  Too bad he didn’t get to score a run that inning.  Here’s a funny video that I could watch over and over again of it.  You should definitely watch with the volume on.


Because of this, I was up late – watching history be made and such.  Then I watched the post-game.  And in random thoughts – can they please get someone better than Erin Andrews for the host of the awards?  She is terrible.  Girl might know her sports but she was all aggro with Bud Selig when he was giving Tom Werner the championship trophy, and wouldn’t let go of the mic.  It was bizarre.  But also good to know she learned how to talk to a man and his translator between the ALCS and the World Series.  Her initial interview with Uehara was so awkward.  Great, now I’ve dedicated like three sentences to Erin Andrews.  So happy for the Boston Red Sox and not happy I’m not going to get a chance to workout today.  Staying up late messes with my sleep.

In closing, Mike Matheny (Cardinals Manager) is the best looking manager in baseball right now.






  1. Poor Erin Andrews. You really shredded the poor girl. She is just like any other joe or jane trying to make a living.

    • No way. She gets paid to do what she’s doing on one of the higher levels in front of the world. She should be better.

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