Yep, that’s me.  Ugh.  Sprained my ankle two weeks ago and then I really sprained my other ankle on Tuesday.  Walking.  On a flat surface.  With slippers on. In my garage.  I done did it pretty damn good.  Went to see Craig (PT) and he *thinks* that it might be fractured.  Bum shoulder, kind of recovered small sprain, now a bad other ankle.  #hotmess is exactly how I’d describe myself.  I went home after getting my ankle wrapped and taken care of by him and looked up the workout for Wednesday.  BACK SQUATS.  My jam.  Was super excited, but texted Craig to make sure it was okay.  He’s our interaction.  #pleaseandthankyou


We then drove to Philly to see Niko’s parents for Thanksgiving and I hadn’t worked out in a couple days, so I was really looking forward to getting a workout in at Crossfit Delaware Valley and see my friend that I made last year  when I did their Black Friday workout, Kristin.  Since my ankle is borked and my shoulder is questionable, the coach suggested that I do wall balls instead of the walking push-ups.  It was an AMRAP 7 – 7 cleans (95#), 7 walking push-ups (I did 14# wall balls), and 7 jumping pull-ups (since I can’t do pull-ups for realsies.  Jumping pull-ups were fine because I was landing lightly on my feet.  I did the Rx weight – 95#.  Tried to do 75#, but it seemed too light.  First set did all movements UB, but moving into the other ones not so much.  Then, on the 2nd to last clean of my last round…I think (well, I know) I was over compensating for my bum ankle and I felt a very sharp and sudden pain in my lower right back.  It wasn’t pretty.  Finished the WOD and I’ve been in pain since.  Texted Craig and basically, it’s rest for me for the next 4-5 days.  Need to let my ankle, back, and shoulder rest as my body is adjusting to working around the pain and it’s hurting me in other places. #balance

Overall, it was kind of cool to go to CFDV and see Kristin – but also have Niko go with me.  Usually, before he started Crossfit, it would be me going by myself.  Awesome that he is able to join me 🙂

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Bob Loblaws Law Blog



That’s what I posted for my score today. “BLAH BLAH BLAH

John was coaching as he is growing a mustache that is creepy as shit.  I couldn’t look him in the eye. I stared at his shoes the whole workout and then when he took off his sweatpants in the middle of the gym and stood in his skivvies, I looked at … um … the pattern in his boxer briefs…

Workout was a sprinting-ish workout.

A. 3 rounds
10 Shoulder Press (20#)
AD 90 sec @90%
rest 2 min in between rounds

B. 3 rounds
10 DB walking lunges heavy (25#)
run 200m
rest 2 min in between rounds

C. 7min AMRAP
12 sit-ups
8 kb swings
30 Double Unders

The last part is scratched out because when I was running, I noticed my ankle hurting a wee bit.  Looked down when I was down and it had started to swell up.  So I was going to sub step-ups for double unders, Then I picked up the 44 bell and did some swings, and my bi-cep was pulling, tried 35, and then 26 and same feeling.  So I just did 500m on the rower, 20 sit-ups, and then 500m on the rower.  Maintained a steady pace and didn’t go too fast.  Meh.


Running in the Cold

Busy day on Tuesday – couldn’t get a workout in. I didn’t even stay home and play Civ V, I actually had a business dinner I had to attend that evening.

Last night (Wednesday) went to the 7:30PM class coached by Ben.  I almost didn’t go, but since I was a lazy ass and slept in on Wednesday morning – I didn’t really have an excuse not to go.  In my defense, I am still having trouble falling asleep.  Any way, workout was AMRAP 20: Run 400, 10 DB squat, 10 DB push press, 10 sit-ups.  No idea what weight to do, so I looked on the board and saw Dickson had done 22.5 – so I went with that.  I was going to puss out on the run (1) because of my ankle and (2) because it was effing cold.  Ben challenged me a bit on the running, so I decided to go and see how it felt (since the 200m runs felt good last week) and if it was terrible, I would do air dyne.

Speaking of air dyne, Jarrod is haunting me from his class because he gave Ben the awesome idea to make us all do air dyne sprints as a warm up.  They were terrible.  Then, we had to do couch stretch and I couldn’t even stay in the position.  I opted to stretch my calf / ankle muscles instead.

Happy to say, I’m glad Ben challenged me a bit because I ended up doing the whole workout with the run.  I managed to squeak out 4+200m run in the 20 minutes.  Transitions were a bit slow because i was putting on my sweatshirt in between running outside and the inside movements.  Running was slow and steady (and cold!) – it’s just going to take conditioning and I also have to come to terms with, for the time being, for running workouts, I’m likely going to be one of the last to finish (or get the lowest score).  But all we are is competing with ourselves, right?  I mean, that’s what all those internet memes say and I believe everything I read on the internet.



Stina v Kitty Litter – Day 2

I conquered the kitty litter.  Was much better than yesterday, where one of the cats left a protest poop outside of the litter just to let me know that Niko is the better fur-baby parent.

Worked out today.  Missed the morning class.  A little off kilter with Niko out of town and couldn’t sleep.  Awww.  #lame

Workout was:

A. 3 rounds for time
10 Clean + Jerks
50 Double Unders

rest 3mins

B. 3 rounds for time
Run 200m
10 Pullups / 5 muscle ups

I did 100 single-unders due to the ankle sprain-age (is that a word?) and ran the 200m.  Ankle was tight, but not unmanageable.  Did 65# because shoulder is a bit wonky and didn’t want to push it.  6:34 for part A, 5:48 (I think?) for part B.  I’m not only bad at barbell math, I’m bad at time math too.  Run actually felt really good.  Had a good amount of energy and just came in and did my RR UB.

Tomorrow is a rest-ish day.  Have a wicked early morning dentist appointment and then going to PT in the afternoon.  Might try to do workout at home – but will probably get sidetracked playing Civ V (damn you, Buddy!) #realisticexpectations



The Weekend

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I think Wessmann is trying to eat my hair. Will miss Jen and Steve!

Last week was a crazy ass week.  Trip to NYC to the MLG offices, some crazy karaoke in NYC, Jen’s send off party, and a couple days/late nights in the office with a pro-gaming team.  Jen was one of my first friends I made in the 6:30am class and she’s moving to NC with her husband and family this week.  I’ll miss her like crazy.  We had a small send off earlier this week and here’s a pic of some of the gals. (Jen is first row, 2nd in from right).

John posted early Saturday morning that mobility class was Saturday at 8AM.  Was excited to get into mobility after a week of not working out – so I threw my clothes on and drove into the gym.  Got there shortly before 8 and got some funny looks from the advanced class peeps as well as Jarrod.  A couple of other people showed up for mobility, but at 8:10AM and no Coach Ben – I got the sneaking suspicion that mobility class wasn’t happening.  Checked Facebook again and there was a comment that oops, mobility class was 8AM on Sunday.  Definitely irritated as all eff.  I do NOT like going to the gym without a plan (ie. if I go to open gym, I know what workout that I’m going to do before I go.  If I go to class, I know that there will be a class that I’ll have to do – even if i don’t know what the class is).  So I basically did some shoulder exercises and some pull-up work and pissed around for an hour before the 9AM class started.  Didn’t expect to rant this much about it here, but I guess I did.

9AM class was the usual 20 minute burner.  AMRAP 20 – 400m run, 10 KB swings, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups.  We started the class with some handstand work.  I got myself into a handstand, but my shoulder / bicep were like “fuck you” and decided to be an asshole for about 2 minutes after my handstand.  Also, I sprained my ankle last week (oops, did I forget to mention that?) so while it felt OK – I opted to replace the 400m run with 2min of air dyne and the push-ups with standing dumb bell rows (per the suggestion of Sara).  Great workout and tried to do all the movements UB.  Love Sara Saturdays.  Super happy for Niko, he was able to get himself up into a handstand twice unassisted.

After class, I went and got my hair done did by the lovely Leila Samara (who is a fellow Craic head).  First time I have gone to her (after hearing raves from friends), and now I’m a loyal customer.  If you live the area, I’d suggest going to see this tress dynamo. She added a bit of an ombré and one streak of bright red.  Kind of loving it.  She also blew it out all fancy.

#SoSerious #carwasntmoving

#SoSerious #carwasntmoving

Hung out with Niko last night – he left for a biz trip early this morning.  He woke up at 4:30AM and so did I.  Since I’m usually the one who travels, I don’t like it when he leaves me at home.  Blargh.  At least I have this video of Dizzle and Jarrod that makes me giggle to keep me company while he’s away.  I put it on a little loop.

Lots of media in this post.  HA.  Last one if a pic of me.  I’ll start with I miss my husband when he travels.  I love him and love spending time with him.  He’s effing awesome.  But there is ONE major thing that I really, really lucked out with.  And that’s that I’m a crazy cat lady who HATES cleaning the kitty litter (or anything having to do with poop or pee in general).  Niko is AMAZING and is on cat little duty all the time (and does so without complaint).  I mean seriously.  Can he be more perfect?  Since he’s gone this week, I have to clean the litter and the smell makes me gag.  This is how I prepare myself for doing it:

Niko says I look like a ninja #lifeasrx

Niko says I look like a ninja #lifeasrx


I haven’t worked out since last Saturday.  Crazy busy week combined with poor planning and scheduling conflicts.  I’d list all the reasons, but it is what it is and it’s not really worth breaking down into the why’s and how’s.






John didn't realize he couldn't get away with the band wrapped around his foot

John didn’t realize he couldn’t get away with the band wrapped around his foot

Does this look like Stink?

Does this look like Stink?


Pull-up drills.  Was able to do three pull-ups with the blue band on all three sets.  Ring rows, and DB bicep curls.

Testing: 6RM strict dumb bell press (seated) – got to 25# and 8RM lateral raises (standing) – could only do 7.5# (shoulder issues)

Headed to NYC tomorrow, so will miss getting a workout in.  Blargh.

Everyday Was Leg Day

Did more of the testing for Jarrod today – but since the whole class was doing a front squat workout – Jarrod suggested that I just work into that class.  So, today the test was 1RM front squat.  My previous PR was 165# – but in the last year – I just did 3 x 1 1/4 squats at 165#, so I was hopeful.  Back then, every day was leg day – as my shoulder issues prevented me from doing much else.  It definitely paid off because i had a 20# PR today.  I went for 195# but failed twice.  Here’s a video of me at 165, then 175, and finally 185.  165 went really quickly, as did 175 – so I was hopeful for 185.  Took a bit of grit, but I got it.  195 just wasn’t happening – but just something else for me to shoot for!

On a side note, I noticed my bra fits me weird in the back.  BLARGH.

Barbell Math is Hard


Today, I went in and did some testing for some stuff that Jarrod has me doing. It was also Niko’s maiden voyage in the in the 6:30AM.  He did the class, and in the meantime, I did the following tests:


Deadlift 1RM

B) DB External Rotation 8reps (2sec Negatives) (#DB/Hand)

C) Powell Raise 8reps (3sec Negatives) (#DB/Hand)

Deadlift is my worst lift – my form needs work on all the lifts – but on the deadlifts, I definitely need the most work here.  Mapped out a plan about working up to my 1RM.  95×5, 135×5, 165×3, 185×3, 205, 225, 235, 245 (which was my current PR – but when I did it last year it was SUPER GROSS and MESSY).  Worked up to 225 and it felt SO HEAVY.  I got it up relatively quickly and had little expectations about getting up to 235 because 225 was so damn heavy.  235 went up cleanly, although the bar slipped from my hand a bit – so if I had better grip it could have been neater.  Jarrod came over and asked me how much weight I was up to and I told him 235.  He stared at my bar and said, “That’s not what I see…245…I think?”  I counted again – turns out the reason why 225 was heavy was because I was actually doing 235 and so forth.  I matched my PR and didn’t even know it.  I tried for 255 but could only get it a couple of inches off the ground.  Not entirely sure where to push the deadlift as I didn’t want to eff up my back – so matching my PR – I’ll take it.  Final rep scheme:  95×5, 135×5, 165×3, 185×3, 215, 235, 245, 255F.

I worked up to 15# on the external rotations, but didn’t complete the 8 (got to seven with my strong arm).  Maxed out at 12.5#. I tried to do low reps on the Powell raises – but my bad bicep wasn’t having any of it – so zero reps there.