Friday Grace – Barbell for Boobs

Today was the day.  A big milestone for me.  Grace Rx for the first time ever, and after almost a year of shoulder injuries and rehabbed to a place where I could do it.  Highest weight I’ve done for this workout was 65# and that was last year.  Was very nervous going into it – but just went for it.  Was hoping for sub-7 minutes.  Wore a fancy outfit for the occasion.  Jarrod gave us a lot of final tips before we started, and also told me to remember to breathe.  On my practice reps, I was holding my breath from the ground pull until the overhead.  Breathe, get under the bar, use your hips.  30 reps.  Simple enough, right?

photo 2 (19)

Reppin’ pink for Barbell for Boobs. Taken post-workout. So happy!

The 5:30AM class was finishing up and there were a ton of people who were doing their first Rx Fran and a ton that PR’d their Grace workout.  Really inspiring to witness before my class time to see.  #crushingit

Jarrod asked me what the music should be and I had no idea.  Also, during the entire workout – I don’t actually know what was playing – so I guess it doesn’t matter. First five reps were frantic.  Once 3-2-1 go, I stopped thinking.  John had to come over and tell me to calm down a bit, breathe, and focus on every rep.  Kendyl counted / coached for me and reminded me to get under the bar on my jerks.  I had a REALLY messy shoulder to overhead where I pressed it up.  Just lost my head for a rep.  Did singles, broke it up into 6 sets of 5 singles.  Last 10 just tried to keep moving with a minimal breaks.  Final time was… 4:17!  Under 5 minutes.  I’m so excited.  There is a small chance that I did an extra rep, but Jarrod said all my other reps were crap – so it’s good I did an extra one for posterity. #coaching

Can’t wait to tackle Grace again now that I know how it feels.  Definitely need to work on my engine.  Next goal: sub-4!

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