Barbell Math is Hard


Today, I went in and did some testing for some stuff that Jarrod has me doing. It was also Niko’s maiden voyage in the in the 6:30AM.  He did the class, and in the meantime, I did the following tests:


Deadlift 1RM

B) DB External Rotation 8reps (2sec Negatives) (#DB/Hand)

C) Powell Raise 8reps (3sec Negatives) (#DB/Hand)

Deadlift is my worst lift – my form needs work on all the lifts – but on the deadlifts, I definitely need the most work here.  Mapped out a plan about working up to my 1RM.  95×5, 135×5, 165×3, 185×3, 205, 225, 235, 245 (which was my current PR – but when I did it last year it was SUPER GROSS and MESSY).  Worked up to 225 and it felt SO HEAVY.  I got it up relatively quickly and had little expectations about getting up to 235 because 225 was so damn heavy.  235 went up cleanly, although the bar slipped from my hand a bit – so if I had better grip it could have been neater.  Jarrod came over and asked me how much weight I was up to and I told him 235.  He stared at my bar and said, “That’s not what I see…245…I think?”  I counted again – turns out the reason why 225 was heavy was because I was actually doing 235 and so forth.  I matched my PR and didn’t even know it.  I tried for 255 but could only get it a couple of inches off the ground.  Not entirely sure where to push the deadlift as I didn’t want to eff up my back – so matching my PR – I’ll take it.  Final rep scheme:  95×5, 135×5, 165×3, 185×3, 215, 235, 245, 255F.

I worked up to 15# on the external rotations, but didn’t complete the 8 (got to seven with my strong arm).  Maxed out at 12.5#. I tried to do low reps on the Powell raises – but my bad bicep wasn’t having any of it – so zero reps there.



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