Everyday Was Leg Day

Did more of the testing for Jarrod today – but since the whole class was doing a front squat workout – Jarrod suggested that I just work into that class.  So, today the test was 1RM front squat.  My previous PR was 165# – but in the last year – I just did 3 x 1 1/4 squats at 165#, so I was hopeful.  Back then, every day was leg day – as my shoulder issues prevented me from doing much else.  It definitely paid off because i had a 20# PR today.  I went for 195# but failed twice.  Here’s a video of me at 165, then 175, and finally 185.  165 went really quickly, as did 175 – so I was hopeful for 185.  Took a bit of grit, but I got it.  195 just wasn’t happening – but just something else for me to shoot for!

On a side note, I noticed my bra fits me weird in the back.  BLARGH.


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