The Weekend

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I think Wessmann is trying to eat my hair. Will miss Jen and Steve!

Last week was a crazy ass week.  Trip to NYC to the MLG offices, some crazy karaoke in NYC, Jen’s send off party, and a couple days/late nights in the office with a pro-gaming team.  Jen was one of my first friends I made in the 6:30am class and she’s moving to NC with her husband and family this week.  I’ll miss her like crazy.  We had a small send off earlier this week and here’s a pic of some of the gals. (Jen is first row, 2nd in from right).

John posted early Saturday morning that mobility class was Saturday at 8AM.  Was excited to get into mobility after a week of not working out – so I threw my clothes on and drove into the gym.  Got there shortly before 8 and got some funny looks from the advanced class peeps as well as Jarrod.  A couple of other people showed up for mobility, but at 8:10AM and no Coach Ben – I got the sneaking suspicion that mobility class wasn’t happening.  Checked Facebook again and there was a comment that oops, mobility class was 8AM on Sunday.  Definitely irritated as all eff.  I do NOT like going to the gym without a plan (ie. if I go to open gym, I know what workout that I’m going to do before I go.  If I go to class, I know that there will be a class that I’ll have to do – even if i don’t know what the class is).  So I basically did some shoulder exercises and some pull-up work and pissed around for an hour before the 9AM class started.  Didn’t expect to rant this much about it here, but I guess I did.

9AM class was the usual 20 minute burner.  AMRAP 20 – 400m run, 10 KB swings, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups.  We started the class with some handstand work.  I got myself into a handstand, but my shoulder / bicep were like “fuck you” and decided to be an asshole for about 2 minutes after my handstand.  Also, I sprained my ankle last week (oops, did I forget to mention that?) so while it felt OK – I opted to replace the 400m run with 2min of air dyne and the push-ups with standing dumb bell rows (per the suggestion of Sara).  Great workout and tried to do all the movements UB.  Love Sara Saturdays.  Super happy for Niko, he was able to get himself up into a handstand twice unassisted.

After class, I went and got my hair done did by the lovely Leila Samara (who is a fellow Craic head).  First time I have gone to her (after hearing raves from friends), and now I’m a loyal customer.  If you live the area, I’d suggest going to see this tress dynamo. She added a bit of an ombré and one streak of bright red.  Kind of loving it.  She also blew it out all fancy.

#SoSerious #carwasntmoving

#SoSerious #carwasntmoving

Hung out with Niko last night – he left for a biz trip early this morning.  He woke up at 4:30AM and so did I.  Since I’m usually the one who travels, I don’t like it when he leaves me at home.  Blargh.  At least I have this video of Dizzle and Jarrod that makes me giggle to keep me company while he’s away.  I put it on a little loop.

Lots of media in this post.  HA.  Last one if a pic of me.  I’ll start with I miss my husband when he travels.  I love him and love spending time with him.  He’s effing awesome.  But there is ONE major thing that I really, really lucked out with.  And that’s that I’m a crazy cat lady who HATES cleaning the kitty litter (or anything having to do with poop or pee in general).  Niko is AMAZING and is on cat little duty all the time (and does so without complaint).  I mean seriously.  Can he be more perfect?  Since he’s gone this week, I have to clean the litter and the smell makes me gag.  This is how I prepare myself for doing it:

Niko says I look like a ninja #lifeasrx

Niko says I look like a ninja #lifeasrx

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