Stina v Kitty Litter – Day 2

I conquered the kitty litter.  Was much better than yesterday, where one of the cats left a protest poop outside of the litter just to let me know that Niko is the better fur-baby parent.

Worked out today.  Missed the morning class.  A little off kilter with Niko out of town and couldn’t sleep.  Awww.  #lame

Workout was:

A. 3 rounds for time
10 Clean + Jerks
50 Double Unders

rest 3mins

B. 3 rounds for time
Run 200m
10 Pullups / 5 muscle ups

I did 100 single-unders due to the ankle sprain-age (is that a word?) and ran the 200m.  Ankle was tight, but not unmanageable.  Did 65# because shoulder is a bit wonky and didn’t want to push it.  6:34 for part A, 5:48 (I think?) for part B.  I’m not only bad at barbell math, I’m bad at time math too.  Run actually felt really good.  Had a good amount of energy and just came in and did my RR UB.

Tomorrow is a rest-ish day.  Have a wicked early morning dentist appointment and then going to PT in the afternoon.  Might try to do workout at home – but will probably get sidetracked playing Civ V (damn you, Buddy!) #realisticexpectations



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