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That’s what I posted for my score today. “BLAH BLAH BLAH

John was coaching as he is growing a mustache that is creepy as shit.  I couldn’t look him in the eye. I stared at his shoes the whole workout and then when he took off his sweatpants in the middle of the gym and stood in his skivvies, I looked at … um … the pattern in his boxer briefs…

Workout was a sprinting-ish workout.

A. 3 rounds
10 Shoulder Press (20#)
AD 90 sec @90%
rest 2 min in between rounds

B. 3 rounds
10 DB walking lunges heavy (25#)
run 200m
rest 2 min in between rounds

C. 7min AMRAP
12 sit-ups
8 kb swings
30 Double Unders

The last part is scratched out because when I was running, I noticed my ankle hurting a wee bit.  Looked down when I was down and it had started to swell up.  So I was going to sub step-ups for double unders, Then I picked up the 44 bell and did some swings, and my bi-cep was pulling, tried 35, and then 26 and same feeling.  So I just did 500m on the rower, 20 sit-ups, and then 500m on the rower.  Maintained a steady pace and didn’t go too fast.  Meh.


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