Yep, that’s me.  Ugh.  Sprained my ankle two weeks ago and then I really sprained my other ankle on Tuesday.  Walking.  On a flat surface.  With slippers on. In my garage.  I done did it pretty damn good.  Went to see Craig (PT) and he *thinks* that it might be fractured.  Bum shoulder, kind of recovered small sprain, now a bad other ankle.  #hotmess is exactly how I’d describe myself.  I went home after getting my ankle wrapped and taken care of by him and looked up the workout for Wednesday.  BACK SQUATS.  My jam.  Was super excited, but texted Craig to make sure it was okay.  He’s our interaction.  #pleaseandthankyou


We then drove to Philly to see Niko’s parents for Thanksgiving and I hadn’t worked out in a couple days, so I was really looking forward to getting a workout in at Crossfit Delaware Valley and see my friend that I made last year  when I did their Black Friday workout, Kristin.  Since my ankle is borked and my shoulder is questionable, the coach suggested that I do wall balls instead of the walking push-ups.  It was an AMRAP 7 – 7 cleans (95#), 7 walking push-ups (I did 14# wall balls), and 7 jumping pull-ups (since I can’t do pull-ups for realsies.  Jumping pull-ups were fine because I was landing lightly on my feet.  I did the Rx weight – 95#.  Tried to do 75#, but it seemed too light.  First set did all movements UB, but moving into the other ones not so much.  Then, on the 2nd to last clean of my last round…I think (well, I know) I was over compensating for my bum ankle and I felt a very sharp and sudden pain in my lower right back.  It wasn’t pretty.  Finished the WOD and I’ve been in pain since.  Texted Craig and basically, it’s rest for me for the next 4-5 days.  Need to let my ankle, back, and shoulder rest as my body is adjusting to working around the pain and it’s hurting me in other places. #balance

Overall, it was kind of cool to go to CFDV and see Kristin – but also have Niko go with me.  Usually, before he started Crossfit, it would be me going by myself.  Awesome that he is able to join me 🙂

photo 2 (8) photo 3 (6)

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