Healing and Resting

So as mentioned in my previous post, my body is kind of a mess right now.  On the advice of my PT and others, I’m going to just take a full week off from working out and letting my body rest. Because I have various parts of my body that are injured, I’m definitely compensating in other areas, which is throwing off my balance and causing other injuries to happen.

thrown off balance

thrown off balance

Will pick it back up in moderation starting next Monday.  Having not worked out since last Friday I’m already a little antsy about it – but I believe that it’s the smart thing to do.  I also need to go to the doctor about my ankle, as I have pain on the bone which can be indicative of a fracture (yay!)  Hoping to get that done this week.

Like Jarrod said to me in the long, long ago – I’m not planning on quitting Crossfit anytime soon…so a week off isn’t going to kill me.


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