J: That Was Awful. K: Go Away.

Just your typical coach / athlete interaction that I witnessed at Craic this morning.

Yep, I was at Craic this morning.  I didn’t do a ton.  Warmed up with a 500m row, did 4 sets of 10 ring rows, shoulder strengthening exercises, and some mobility.  Just needed to get my body moving.  The 500m row was terrible.  I was going slow, at around a 2:10 pace and I was so out of breath by the end.  The ring rows showed me how weak I have gotten.  When I look back, it looks like it’s been almost a month since I really worked out.  And it didn’t feel very nice.

Chatted with Jarrod about how I should get back into it – as I have a tendency to want to pick up where I left off and I think that’s what gets me in trouble.  We came up with a ramp-up plan and will start it next week.  I’m feeling good about it.




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