Easing back in…Sure.

After a bit of a delay in Florida, I got back on Tuesday night.  Was determined to get into a workout on Wednesday and despite a restless sleep, got in to the 6:30AM class.  Initially it felt really good to be back 6:30AM with Jarrod and the crew.  And then I did the workout.

The workout, as written was 5 rounds, each for time, of 10 deadlifts and 250m sprint row with 2-3 minutes rest in between.  My hip is still a little out of shape, and rowing seems to make it tighter.  So I knew it was the air dyne for me. I figured I would just do the deadlifts and then do :45 on the airdyne.  But Jarrod had something far more devious in mind.  I could see it in his eyes, and knew from reading his blog, G’s blog, and Callahan’s blog I quickly realized that I was in trouble. He suggested I do airdyne sprints to 15 cals.  I pushed back with 10 cals, but ultimately decided to do it with 15 cals.  I was going light on the deadlifts because I’m trying to strengthen my back / hip and only went with 95# which was the right amount of weight.

The first round seemed easy enough.  I finished in :55 seconds.  I felt good about my decision to do 15 cals.  But before I knew it, round 2 was starting.  :59 seconds.  Round three, I wanted to die.  Like really, really die.  30-40 second airdyne sprints seemed like cruel and unusual punishment.  I mean, Callahan, Jarrod, and G did :15 – :20 sprints.  And had 4 minutes rest in between.  And no deadlifts to do.  (To be fair, they had to do like 12 rounds or something…so I’ll take my workout over that…) Round 3 slowed way down, like 1:13 or something like that.  And then I bumped it down to 10 cals for the last two rounds, but it still managed to take me 1:08 and 1:blah blah blah (I had no idea at this point, I couldn’t even think straight or write anything on my board).  It was terrible.  Also, my blood sugar went really low (thank goodness Cyndi was packing a banana at Craic yesterday)  I laid on the floor for a good 20 minutes at least.  At least I didn’t puke.  #silverlining

So much for easing back into it.  I guess I kind of needed that slap in the face on my first day back to get me into the swing of things.



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