It’s been a long time, and I am a bit rusty – but I actually did some snatches today in a workout.  It’s been almost a year and a huge milestone for me.  I limited myself at 50% of my former 1RM – which is only 90#, and according to Craig (PT) I should plan on building up by 10% each week for a bit until I can start lifting heavy.  I did mostly squat snatches – so it was kind of cool to do some OHS as well.

They felt good.  Sure, there were times when I was too far forward, but I feel that there was some muscle memory there.  While they felt good, they also were really scary for me whipping the bar up and getting under it.  I don’t want to re-injure my shoulder and when the bar went back my heart skipped a bit each time.  But as long as I focus on good form and keeping my shoulders down (and strengthening) I think I will be OK.  Jarrod did a great skill session and then we kind of had a free-swim portion before the workout.  I originally had planned to switch to cleans in the workout – but Jarrod thought that my snatches looked pretty good and that I could probably stay at 45# and do the workout.  He wasn’t as concerned with the time as he was with the quality of the snatches.  Did the workout and was mixing up power snatches and squat snatches.  Jarrod did a drive-by mid-way through the workout and asked why I wasn’t doing all squat snatches.  I knew I could do them at 45# and that my form was okay and also Jarrod didn’t necessarily want me going for time – so I didn’t have any real reason other than they were scary.  Feel the fear and do it anyway – so I immediately switched to doing all squat snatches and they were NBD.  Didn’t fail once.  Came forward a few times – but I just need to work on my technique.

The workout I did was 21-15-9 snatches (@ 45#) and skull crushers (@15#) with 60 single unders in between.  Hopefully in the next week or so I will start doing double unders again and also burpees and push-ups.  Still having some shoulder stability issue in that position (plank – push forward) so I’m working on that.  I’m also still trying to rest the ankle a bit and I have a ton of daily mobility homework for my ankle and shoulder that I need to be more diligent about. I was also told by the doctor that I really need to wear an ankle brace when working out for the time being (until the ankle is more stable). When I finally went to the doctor yesterday and it’s not a fracture (just a little (lot) too much of elasticity) and I need to work on strengthening them.

As a follow-up to yesterday, banana-giver Cyndi had to do airdyne sprints today.  I wish I had brought a banana for her as her workout looked miserable. Here’s her post about it. #bananasmakeeverythingbetter #notreally #stoptryingtomakebananahappen

Back with Izzy the PT dog.  #totesadorbs

Back with Izzy the PT dog. #totesadorbs

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