Seriously, this is one of the best things that has happened to gum in the recent decade. Tastes just like grape Bubbilicious bubble gum. AMAZING.

Day three of getting back at it.

Workout was:

5 Rounds for time
5 Squat Cleans
7 C2B Pullups Ring Rows
14 Double Unders 30 Single Unders

So, I *might* have worn my Lulu shorts inside out today. I *might* not have noticed that they were inside out (attached underpants and all) until I was at the gym for a bit.  Sure they felt like they were on tight and bunching in a weird way.  Yea.  I’m that awesome.


Anyway, workout was pretty much as expected.  Trying to stay light-ish weights this first week or so back.  And the weights felt REALLY heavy today.  I built up to 95# in the warm up and the lift felt like it took everything out of me.  Bumped it down to 75# for the workout.  First two rounds were UB and had to break up the final three.  Ring rows are not coming as easy either.  Trying to focus on keeping my scapulae down and my head in a neutral position.  Single unders were fine.  Hoping to work in some DU next week.  Some of the squat cleans felt good, some I felt like I wasn’t pulling enough and leaning back.  Inconsistent – and glad I opted to go with the lighter weight.

Stayed a bit late and did my ankle and shoulder mobility. So. Much. Fun.



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