Florian Visit

Saturday was a rest day.  The gym was closed because Craic had their holiday party the night before.  Stopped in to the party on Friday night after a great dinner with Susie Diesel and Johnny D for a bit.  Everyone was well on their way to a hangover when we arrived.  Then I became violently ill and Susie and I headed back to their house.  Not sure what caused it, but it wasn’t fun. #FridayNight

I’ve been promising my pal, Rico, that I’d drop-in to one of his classes at Crossfit Florian in Norwood.  Susie agreed to join me so we went to their Sunday class – which was a partner WOD.  It was teams of four – 200 thrusters and 200 pull-ups.  If you dropped the bar on the floor 5 burpee penalty for each team member – even during the pull-ups.  I knew I was going to do at least 50 reps of thrusters and thought it would be prudent to go light given my shoulder issues.  We paired with Michelle and Noelle – two Florian members.  Michelle also had shoulder issues and Noelle was brand-spanking new so we went with 45# (Rx was 65#).  Broke it up into 10 reps each and switched off.  Towards the end, Susie and I both did a set of 15 reps.  45# was definitely a little too light for us – but it was a good workout in that we just kept moving and our heart rate up.  Did ring rows instead of pull-ups.  We cruised through, finishing in 17:13.  Went and had fun, which was the goal in the workout.

L-R Me, Michelle, Noelle, Susie

L-R Me, Michelle, Noelle, Susie

photo 2 (10)

Look at those guns! Me and Rico

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