Those numbers are the combination to my heart. Or numbers I just don’t like. Workout was 21-15-9 front squats and push press. Was going to workout today, get my eyelash extensions refilled (yes, I am naturally blessed with short, sparse, and straight lashes), and then get in a car and head to Maine for the night. Didn’t want to go really heavy at all for various reasons, most of which was because of the car ride ahead of me.

Started workout with partner assisted pull-ups and worked out with my friend Kendyl. Love working out with her. Did 5 sets of 3. Shoulder was tight. But it’s not really inflamed anymore so it’s all about doing mobility to get my shoulder back to where it should be as the muscles have all kind of gone to a place of protecting my shoulder and they need to go back to acting normal again. Will take some time. Any who.

Did workout at 55#. Decent weight for what I wanted out of the workout today. That middle 15 is a bitch…always. Time was 4:52. Got to get that engine back in fighting shape.

Off tomorrow, back on Thursday.

Like my new look? I had to shower with goggles today to protect my newly applied lash extension refills. #vanity


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