Christmas Break

Went up to Maine to see my family for the holidays.  Was great to see everyone, got great and thoughtful gifts from all – but my favorite was the one from my brother, Doug.  He’s been getting into woodworking and made me and Niko this awesome bench (he even cut down the tree himself!)  This post is going to be heavy in photos (Christmas and other stuff) – so feel free to scroll through the pics vs. read about my workouts.

Bench from my brother

Bench from my brother

The road to my mom's house

The road to my mom’s house

Snowmen at the gas station on the way home.  Antifreeze for smiles.

Snowmen at the gas station on the way home. Antifreeze for smiles.

Made it back a little earlier than expected so Niko and I went to Smith & Wollenskys for a late dinner.  I knew that the John, Susie, and family were going (earlier than we were) – but there dinner ended up going long and we got to see them on Christmas.  Always good to see them

The Durochers

The Durochers

Look at this beautiful piece of meat.  It went in my belly.

Look at this beautiful piece of meat. It went in my belly.

My husband makes eating a salad look sexy #luckygirl

My husband makes eating a salad look sexy #luckygirl


Thursday (December 26th)

Went to PT to get my hip, ankle, and shoulder worked on.  Shoulder is feeling a ton better, just mobility wise it’s a bit effed.  Need to work on stretching it regularly and getting the muscles back to where they should be.  Means a bit less chest work until I strengthen my back (as I have a tendency to pull my shoulders forward).  Gave Izzy the PT dog her Christmas present, she loved it.

photo 3 (10)

(Top) Devouring her Christmas gift
(Bottom) Exhausted from chomping at her gift

Wasn’t sure if I was going to work out.  Was leaning more towards the not going to work out camp, but Niko came home and I wanted to go and workout with him.  We went to the 6:30, which was being coached by the lovely Sara McEvoy.  She’s such a great coach, wish she coached more classes!  The workout itself was definitely a big slap in the face.

20min AMRAP
5 Chest to Bar Green band strict pull-ups (and switch to ring rows if need be)
10 Thrusters
20 Double Unders

Decided to go conservative and go with 45#.  Since I was doing light-ish weight, I knew I would do all the thrusters UB.  While I was successful at this, it was really hard as it got to the later rounds.  After chatting with Sara and John about what I should do for pull-ups, decided to go with strict banded pull-ups.  I had to switch to ring rows at the end, as my shoulders were toast (in a good way).  After round one, I looked at the clock and had well over 18 minutes to go.  Definitely was a tough go.  Did 40 single unders – need to really start working double unders back into my workout.  I just suck at them right now.  #homework Final score: 8+8

Friday (December 27th)

Went to the noon class today.  Classes during holiday breaks are fun because you never know who is going to show up!  Kayla, Anthony, LoriBro, Denise, and some other fun people were in class today and it was a ton of fun.  Did some clean and jerk skill work (power clean) – partnered with Kayla and we just worked at 95#, concentrating on form.  I decided to do 95# for the workout.

A. Power Clean + Jerk Skill
B. For Time:
Power Clean
Skull Crushers

I did 15# skull crushers, and probably should have gone 2.5# – 5# heavier.  They were relatively easy (I was using them as rest).  Skull crushers were the modified version of the dips that most people did.  95# got heavy, but not unmanageable.  I still have some trouble cycling them (shoulder).  Also, when I got tired, I started my trademark one-step out.  Ugh.  Final time 5:36 (I think).

Wicked excited about tonight.  Jarrod is having a OLY Lifting class at Craic (limited to 10 people) which will be a bunch of drills and stuff.  More about that tomorrow.

photo 5 (1)



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