Focus 2014

 (Crazy Catfitter Note: This initial post was supposed to be a short one, but it’s probably one of the longest posts I’ve written to date…)

Cliff Notes Version

There are four areas of which I’d like to improve in 2014. I’ve outlined them below and some tools I’ll use to get there.  I’ll be tracking it in my blog.


Full Version

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but wanted to outline four areas where I’m going to focus in 2014 in order to make it my best year yet.  While there were definitely a ton of highlights in 2013 for me and a lot to be grateful for – overall, overall it was a lackluster year, I thought about ways in which I could make 2014 be a better year for me.

I tinkered in my brain a bit about sharing them on this blog – but I feel that I need to put them out there to keep me accountable.  The focus of this blog is going to likely change a bit – but I’ll still be logging my Crossfit workouts and progress every time.  But instead of just being about cats and crossfit, I’ll also be logging my progress about how I am progressing in the four areas outlined below.


A lot of this has to do with reaching a healthy weight.  I’ve constantly been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember and there are always reasons (some in my control and some not) why I haven’t met my goal weight.  To that end, my focus is going to be to eat healthier (cleaner), go to the gym consistently, and drink more water.  They seem like simple things to do, but in practice they have always alluded me.  I usually fall off the wagon and continue to spiral.  Last year, I worked with John on my nutrition and I think it has really set me up for success in 2014.  I fell off the wagon a bit around the holidays (doesn’t everyone, really?) but the difference between me falling off the wagon during the holidays and my usual fall prior to that really showed me that I have actually made progress mentally in that respect.  Beforehand, I would have fallen off by binge eating CRAP.  All the fried food I could, candy, ice cream, potatoes at every meal.  Like, every, meal.  This time when I fell off – I just had more treats that I usually would.  I didn’t binge eat crap.  I just ate crap more often that I should have.  Might seem like a small tweak to most people, but it’s a huge change for me.  I’m going to use this as momentum to kick off 2014 the right way.


While I’m not crazy dis-organized, my inbox at work was a mess.  In order to be more productive, I’m implementing the Inbox Zero method.  I’ll be checking my email at fixed times per day.  This will allow me to stop mindlessly checking email and allowing my inbox to fill-up – sometimes missing emails completely or forgetting about them until it’s too late.  I’ll also be keeping a weekly to do list that I will review every Monday morning and re-write for the following week every Friday afternoon.  This is something that I need to be militant about in order to get into the habit of doing so.


I like clothes, fashion, and new shiny things. It is nice to have disposable income to spend on those new Lululemon shorts and that Kate Spade wallet.  But it’s gotten out of hand.  When I want something, I just buy it.  Now, I’m not in debt or anything like that.  That’s not what spurred this decision.  I just feel like I have gotten into a bad habit of just mindlessly buying shit that I don’t need.  I look back to when we were freshly minted college graduates, literally living off 30% of what we’re bringing home now and we were more than content. Shopping and getting new things is really, really nice – but I need to find happiness in a less empty place.  In addition, most of it gets used for a short time and then is stuck in the closet to collect dust.  I decided that I am going to work this year buying stuff I need. I’m going to use my husband as a gate keeper.  Every time I want to go buy something – I’m going to run it by him and he and the cats will have a committee meeting about it and let me know if it’s a valid purchase.  I won’t buy it unless it’s a valid purchase.  Or if I convince him that he should buy it for me.  You know, one of those things.


I am on social media / my phone way too much. I don’t think it’s FOMO – but more of a solution for boredom or lapses in time when I have nothing to do or want to clear my head.  I’m constantly on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  I do it when I am watching television. I will pull it out during a meal.  I’m surfing the social media sites when I can’t sleep in bed.  I check email constantly.  I’m always the first one to pull my phone out to look something up. I honestly believe that this has caused a mild form of ADD – as whenever I start to lose focus on something – I immediately switch to checking Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  I’m going to be realistic here and not say something extreme like “I’m cutting out Facebook for good!” because that’s not something that I desire to do and therefore isn’t a practical resolution for me.  But I am going to limit the amount of time I spend on social media and find better ways to spend my time.  This goal / resolution requires a list of how I’m going to achieve this:

  • I’m going to start charging my phone downstairs (vs. on my bedside table).
  • This one touches (2) and (4) – Unless directed otherwise (like there is an important email or something that I need to look out for)  once I get home, I’m only checking email once / night.  If it’s urgent, someone will call or text me I’m sure.
  • Only watching television shows that I’ve DVR’d.  This means I’m only watching stuff I want to watch vs. mindlessly watching stuff that’s just on or channel surfing.  If there is nothing on the DVR, I am going to go and read a book, play a video game, or blog.
  • No checking social media while watching television, reading a book, doing work, etc. I will focus on the task at hand. This will also help with (2).
  • No phones out at meal times or dates with my husband.  This is only okay if we want to take double-selfies or pictures of food porn (or cats).
Illustration by Varun Chablani (as found on

Illustration by Varun Chablani (as found on

So, I saw that piece of artwork awhile back and when I was looking for it on the internet for today’s blog post, I stumbled across this blog – STILLWATER – and started binge reading it. Her most recent posts really got me motivated.

Some rules that she listed some “Notes to Self” – which I believe are a mandatory list to keep in mind when trying to achieve a better 2014.

  • It’s crucial to know your limits
  • No matter what you do, always expect more from yourself than others do (prerequisite: true confidence)
  • It’s okay to be a perfectionist (if that’s who you are)
  • Don’t be ashamed of the little things you love – even if it’s something geeky or quirky or just plain ‘weird’ 
  • Always do something about your intentions before externalizing them
  • One of the best things you can do is be the #1 fan / supporter / cheerleader of your partner

Some other tools that I think are equally important that I’d like to add:

  • Don’t beat yourself up or give up if you have any type of set-back (large or small)
  • Sustaining will-power and momentum will wear off after the initial excitement dies down.  Stick through it and soon it will just become your lifestyle.
  • Set-up a reminder system to help you stay on track.
  • Make sure that you have mini-goals and/or rewards along the way.
  • Find a solid support system to help keep you accountable and also provide you support when you have set-backs
  • Cats, always cats. 

If you’ve read this entire post, thanks for sticking through.  It’s going to be an exciting 2014.

One thing I forgot to mention that I want for 2014: Grow my hair past my bra strap line.  You know, the most important goal.


  1. Great post!! I can relate to so much of it … I wish you great success in 2014! 🙂
    I sort of “vowed” to not post so many cat pics on FB (I’m getting the Crazy Cat Lady rep with my friends, which is FINE, nothing wrong with that) and what do I do … start out my FB and WP blog for 2014 with a cat pic! I have to post cats somewhere .. slowly detox ..

  2. Glad the post meant something :)) Add more lessons of your own along the way as you progress (and perhaps blog about them) … happy 2014!!

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