DT and #focus2014

Long post, this one will be considerably shorter than yesterday.  See if you get my cat humor below.  The top pic, as a side note is my kitty, Feynman.  The other one is something I found doing a random google search.

Today's Post

Today’s Post

Yesterday's Post

Yesterday’s Post

Spent the day cleaning out my inbox and since it’s the tail end of a short winter “break” emails were considerably less frequent than they normally are.  So it was a good way to try to move through the Inbox Zero approach.  It wasn’t really any struggle – but once work and all the emails are back in full swing, we shall see how it all works out.

Slowly weaning myself off eating crap.  Well, not that slowly – because it wasn’t really a terrible issue to start this time.  Just removing little things day by day.  Luckily, Niko is all on board for this – so it makes things a ton easier.

Amended the television / social media rules because going full out cold turkey isn’t something that I can do.  Simply because I don’t want to.  I did do a major one – which is charge my phone downstairs and read a book before bed instead of surfing social media.  I still surf a bit of social media while I’m watching television and there is still television that I’m watching that I haven’t necessarily DVR’d.

Went to workout today – we had a big snowstorm here in New England – so we didn’t end up going until the 6PM class.  Workout was DT, which is a hero WOD.  I’ve been pushing it a bit with my shoulder and paid for it a little earlier this week, so I wanted to keep the weight light-ish for the workout.  As I type this, I laugh to myself because DT would have been a DNF had I gone with any heavier of a weight, let alone the Rx weight which was 105#.  I went with the INT suggested weight which was 75# – and wow. Workout was:

5 Rounds For Time
9-Hang Power Cleans
6-Shoulder to Overhead

I was thinking sub-10 in my head, but it ended up being 10:18.  I think I took too long of rests during the HPCs.  And holy shit, that was a grip workout.  I practically dropped the bar on every set for the last set. All five rounds, I went (11-1) (4-4-1)(6) for my rep scheme.  With the exception of the last round, I broke my HPC into 6-2-1.

Prior to DT, we worked to a heavy triple power cleans (from the floor).  75, 95, 115, 125.  I didn’t go for heavier than 125 because my form felt like it wasn’t the way I wanted it and I didn’t want to be stupid.  But I’m really happy with 125.  Like I said in a post earlier this week, it’s kind of cool to do a “working” weight of 125 – as that would have been FAIL FAIL FAIL a couple of months ago.

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