Today was a 30 minute EMOM.  Back at the 6:30am class.

A1)High Hang Snatch x3
A2)Burpees Sit-Ups x10
A3)Pullups Ring Rows x5 10

I opted to do 55#.  I’m still scared to snap the bar back and lock my elbows.  Sometimes I’m conscious of it, sometimes I don’t know I’m doing it.  Jarrod pointed it out and when I was actively thinking about it, I stopped guarding it (sort of).  But then I would stop guarding it and then it was pointed out that I would lean forward instead of back.

Overall, just good consistent workout – kept moving.  The high hang snatches were frustrating because I could see the bar in front and below my face during the lift – which meant I was leaning way forward. #alwayslearning Just more stuff for me to work on.  As of PT today, I am no longer on full burpee restriction, however I need to do “controlled” burpees and not fall into them.  So no cycling quick burpees, but I can start doing them again.  But I had PT after the workout, so I did sit-ups instead.  I think maybe next time I might sub in planks or something.  But need to definitely work on my core.  Ring rows tried to do wide-grip ones.  Floor was slippery so I sprinkled a little of the white powder on the floor to keep from sliding (sorry, Marc and Will – even though neither of you read this blog).

gym cleaner's nightmare

gym cleaner’s nightmare

Went to go see the nephew play in a couple of hockey games this weekend at Janas Arena.  The ice arena had no heat and we froze our butts off.  Luckily, my mom had an extra blanket in her car.  It’s one that I remember from my childhood.  A wool/polyester one that’s been around since before I was even born.  I told her I wanted it, but she said I couldn’t have it until she was no longer with us.  I sent her an unrelated email this weekend, and her reply ended with this: “Don’t forget when I am gone to take the blanket out of the back of the car.”  She is hilarious.



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