Canceled my trip to LA for a variety of reasons, but that means I got to work out at Craic on Saturdays…and with Niko 🙂

Despite the previous statement, I actually partnered with Despina instead of Niko today (he partnered with his buddy, Matt) and it was a ton of fun.  Haven’t really worked out all week and not really mentally there – but just wanted to keep moving and get a good sweat in. Partnering with Despina is always fun.  Love.  Her.


9- Deadlifts
12- Pushups
15- Box Jumps 24”/20”

Initially was going to do the INT weight at 75#, but thought better of it and did 100#.  Did 2 ABMAT push-ups (shoulder) and step-ups (which, essentially the whole class did).  The step-ups were supposed to be our “rest” in the workout, but ended up being the worst part.  Since I was doing 2 ABMAT push-ups, those were actually the rest.  Ended up doing 7+12.

On a side note, went and saw HER today with Niko.  Very good film, however it solidified my fear of robots and artificial intelligence. Joaquin Pheonix was magic in this film.





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