Headed into NYC for work.  Well, if you call it that 🙂  It’s for the finals of the Infinite Crisis Winter Open that we’ve partnered with MLG on.  It’s going to be a lot of fun and we’re broadcasting it live from the MLG Studios Friday and Saturday.  My job is pretty awesome – I mean seriously – check out the back of my new business cards:



Went into Craic for the 6:30AM class for the workout. I love the 6:30AM crew.  Getting out of bed this morning on the other hand, not so much.  It was a strength / skill workout – perfect workout for me before I was about to sit on a train for half the day.

Part A: 5×12 Bench Press (if you got to 12, go up in weight for next round)

Part B: Clean Complex: First pull to knee, clean high pull, full clean

Started out conservative on the bench, Jarrod told us to keep our shoulder blades down and back – pressed against the bench.  Definitely an adjustment.  Worked out with Michelle, who I’ve been going to the 7:30PM class with lately.  Fun with her in the morning class.  We did 45, 55, 65, 70, 75.  75 definitely got tough and I barely squeaked out the last rep.  Clean complex was … interesting.  Not sure what my problem is lately (perhaps it’s been lack of going into Craic) or whatever, but I’m blocking squat cleaning out of my system.  Started at 65, 75, 95, 115.  Failed once on 115 and got super irritated as there is no good reason why I missed a clean at 115.  Then the 2nd and 3rd times I did that weight I did my foot shuffle or starfish thing or didn’t move my feet at all (despite Jarrod telling me to at least half-squat).  I just couldn’t squat.  My brain wouldn’t let me do it.  Bumped the weight down to 75# and did the complex a few times with a squat clean – no problemo.  Time to get back to basics, I guess.

Took a selfie today because I noticed that my hair is getting long (remember it’s a goal for 2014!) and thought I’d share my progress:

Getting there!  Goal is to not get sick of it and chop it off!

Getting there! Goal is to not get sick of it and chop it off!

As far as the other #Focus2014:

  • Health: Focusing on getting my shoulder better vs. getting to the gym and getting a good workout in.  I realize that the two are not mutually exclusive, but I need to prioritize and shoulder better is the priority right now.  Doing well with the food stuffs, some little slips here (some candy and one-time french fries) and there – but nothing I’m beating myself up over.
  • Organization / Productivity: Inbox Zero still holding strong.  Definitely need to watch my To Do folder so that it doesn’t build up.  Also, haven’t really tested this when I’m on the road during a weekday – so we shall see how that works out.  Keeping with my weekly To Do list.
  • Spending: Haven’t bought any clothes / accessories with the exception of the Niko/cat approved belt purchase.  Treating myself to a SPA treatment while I’m in NYC this weekend, but I’m using a gift certificate I got from a friend over two years ago to pay for most of it.
  • Offline Interests: Struggling with the mindless watching television and being on social media while watching television.  Having the phone downstairs instead of by the bed has taken some getting used to, but I like it and feel that I fall asleep easier.  About to start The Goldfinch and also reading / working through the Values Factor.


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