Monday Mess

I was doing pass throughs to warm up my shoulder and Jarrod told me to look in the mirror while I did them (yo, stop freaking out peeps, it was the Craic bathroom mirror – there are no mirrors in our gym!) And my right shoulder wasn’t activating at all. It was like a dead shoulder.  It was also two inches lower than my other shoulder.  No back squat position for me today.  Back to the regular Monday scheduling.  Front squats (for me) and ring rows.  Nice to be back in the 630AM class with Dizzle and the crew.  Got to workout with one of my night-class pals, Michelle.

At one point, Jarrod said “You’re a mess” as my shoulder differential is pretty noticeable and I protect it in just about anything I’m doing.  “I’m doing the best I can.” was all I could say.  And he said “That’s all you can do.”  #coolstorybro

Plan was to go to 165 today, but I think I was a little over eager to go at that weight.  I got to 145 in the 2nd round and felt a small tweak on my right side.  I decided to knock down weight to 125 for the next round and do more reps (8 vs 6). Did ring rows and bicep curls, negative on the way down with 10#.

Was a sloppy workout for me.  Head wasn’t in it today.  My shoulder seems to have gotten a ton worse and I don’t know why.

Since this was a Debby Downer of an update, I leave you with this awesome before/after/progress shot of Callahan.  I mean, seriously.  AB-licious. #hardwork






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