Ice, Ice, Baby

In Philly, my mother-in-law had surgery yesterday (all went well, and all signs look positive for her recovery).  Was hoping to get a few workouts in at Crossfit Delaware Valley, but as the local newswoman just said, “Conditions have just gone from bad to worse.”  There is a pretty considerable ice storm going on right now, so no workout at CFDV for me or the husband.

Catching up on the various blogs of my pals, and came across this great post about rest and recovery from Susie, and it bopped me in the face.  Yep, the post reached out and palm slapped me on the forehead.  It references this post from the Whole 9.  The post has a check list to see if you are under-recovered:

Are you Under-Recovered? Here are a few things to look for:

  • You used to be excited about going to the gym – not so much anymore.
  • Your performance (or lack thereof) is seriously stressing you out, and a poor workout ruins your day.
  • You’ve got chronic muscle soreness after every workout, and/or that lingering “shoulder thing” that just won’t seem to heal.
  • Your sleep pattern has become irregular.
  • Even though you’re in bed for enough hours, you never feel well-rested in the morning.
  • You need a Monster drink or three espressos to get fired up for your training sessions.
  • You crave carbohydrates (sugar!) more than you used to.
  • You’re getting sick a lot, or just can’t seem to kick that cold you picked up.
  • You’re training hard and “eating right” but that little belly just isn’t going away.
  • You’re actually gaining fat, instead of losing it.

I qualify for at least 7 of these or some type of derivation of the above.  I haven’t been training hard, because I am not excited about going to the gym any more.  I haven’t been gaining fat, I’ve pretty much just stayed stagnant in my weight – but I still feel gross.  So when I get back to MA next week, I’m going to start focusing on my recovery.  Here is a list that the article outlined, with my notes in italics about how I’m going to approach it:

  • Being committed to recovery means that sometimes you don’t train hard, even if you really want to, and even if everyone else is doing it (Um, yea.  I need to get out of this mentality and back into the my workout is my workout mentality.  I’m meeting with coach John when I get back to set realistic goals based on my needs and a moving forward plan. I think that this should definitely help)
  • A commitment to recovery may mean that you take ice baths sometimes (So, I am very unlikely (nor am I in a position to) take ice-baths, however, I will be icing my shoulder regularly)
  • It means that when all you want is pizza and a beer, you choose a nutritious meal instead. (I am gluten-free anyway, so pizza and beer aren’t the problem.  I will definitely make a commitment to eat a lot cleaner and cut out some of the crap that I’ve been sneaking in occasionally.  If I have a cheat meal, it will be a planned one)
  • It means that you put away the computer/TV/smartphone/video game and go the heck to sleep(I already charge my iPhone downstairs now at night, so I’m not tempted to use it when I’m in bed.  Need to avoid watching television as I’m trying to fall asleep and read a book instead)
  • It means that you spend some intimate time with your foam roller, lacrosse ball, stick, ice pack, or other self-care tool/torture device. (Need to stick to a mobility plan, much like I would a workout plan.  I’m already pretty good about doing my exercises for my shoulder, but really need to be better than “pretty good”)
  • It may mean that you seek out a reputable practitioner of your preferred therapeutic approach: massage, Rolfing, acupuncture, chiropractic care, naturopathic or functional medicine. (Will continue to see my PT and Nichole regularly.  Will probably make an appointment to get some ART done as well)
  • It might mean that you use your noggin’ and take a pass on a race or competition that really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of Your Life and Health. (This isn’t an issue for me, as I have no plans to compete anytime soon.  However, I need to get in the mentality that I’m working out to be healthier.  Not working out to PR or max out on weights.  I don’t have to lift heavy to get a good workout in)
  • It might even mean that you revisit your trip down Whole30 lane (While I won’t be doing a Whole30, I will definitely be making a commitment to eating clean-ish (I will still be eating rice) and having planned cheat days (vs. instant gratification))

So there we are.  While I’m at making grand proclamations, here’s where I currently am with my Focus 2014 stuff:


Fell back into the instant gratification / cheat mode once the shoulder starting flaring up.  Definitely something I’ve been very cognizant of but haven’t been super motivated to workout, which, I have found in turn, also affects my mentality about food. Good news is that I’m aware of the correlation and am working with my resources on a plan to get back on track in this area.


Definitely staying on track with this one.  Inbox Zero is still going well, just need to really stop mindlessly checking my email and really work on checking it during fixed times during the day.  Also, keeping up with my weekly to-do list – which is a record for me.  Over a month and still keeping with it.


Going great, only non-essential purchase that I made was the below t-shirt – but it was one of those instances where the t-shirt was purr-fect for me (DC comics and Cats?).  It was also only $12 and Niko and the kitties approved it.  I can wear it to workout and also to the various events for Infinite Crisis.





I’m good on my book a month goal.  I actually finished the February book on February 2nd 🙂  Granted, I started it when it was January – but that was my third book for January #CountIt so I am keeping a good pace.  I read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – it’s all the rage in the literary world right now.  There are huge waiting lists at the library for it and all that jazz.  I think it was a situation where it was so hyped up (like what happens with a movie) that I actually finished reading it and was completely underwhelmed.  I think that with most books, you do have to suspend your belief – but this one made it too hard.  It skirted the line between trying to be realistic and trying to have you suspend your belief and I just ended up in that space in between where I didn’t want to suspend it and I knew that there was no way the series of events that happened would take place.  It felt like the author was trying too hard to tie up the loose ends and connect all the plot points.  Not sure if that makes any sense, but the book wasn’t one that I couldn’t put down or felt the overwhelming need to pick-up and read.  Not one that I would recommend to my friends.

The things that I have gotten better at, but am choosing not to actually follow-through with completely are the following:

  • Only watching television shows that I’ve DVR’d.  This means I’m only watching stuff I want to watch vs. mindlessly watching stuff that’s just on or channel surfing.  If there is nothing on the DVR, I am going to go and read a book, play a video game, or blog.
  • No checking social media while watching television, reading a book, doing work, etc. I will focus on the task at hand. This will also help with (2).

Sometimes I want to come home and watch whatever on the television.  If it’s been a long day at work, I don’t want to use my brain.  Mindlessly doing things is a little bit of recovery for me after a long day or week.  In addition to that, sometimes I will check social media while watching television.  But will not while reading a book or doing work.


Still haven’t cut my hair yet, still growing it out.  Will perhaps get a trim in March and a new color streak put in there, but other than that – no plans to cut it all off! I also like the length because I found a way to curl it that makes for a good hair day.  Here’s a recent-ish selfie I took of myself with my hair done.  I also used this AWESOME new photo app to make the selfie all artsy-fartsy and stuff.

photo (1)



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