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I’d post some stoopid subject like “Back at It” or “Goals” – but I think I’ve done this before and sang a similar tune.

Having said that, I met with John McEvoy last week to set some goals and try to map out a plan.  With the injuries and some other things going on (inside of the gym and out) – I haven’t felt very inspired to go to the gym and get a workout in.  I started cherry picking workouts and only going 2-3 times per week.  I did my mobility and such at home, but haven’t worked out on a consistent basis.  I was lackadaisical with my nutrition as well – haven’t really gained weight – kind of maintaining.

John had a goal setting workshop last week, which is based off John Demartini’s value determination exercise.  I’ve done that a couple of times, but never gone through the next step of re-prioritizing them.  Usually when I do value determination exercise, my areas with the highest values are:

  1. Health
  2. Family / Social
  3. Vocational

But when I went through the second bit of the determination exercises and prioritized based off what I would choose over the other, it actually ended up being:

  1. Family / Social
  2. Vocational
  3. Health

In short, in every choice I make – if there’s a choice between working out and doing something with / for my family or work – I will always choose family or work.  If there is a choice between work and family/friends – I will always choose family and friends.  And the point of this whole process is that prioritization is OK and I need to come to terms with that.

I’m not actually sure where I’m going with this post, but I guess, in short, doing that exercise really helped me when John and I were discussing the appropriate path for me moving forward. We worked together to set some longer term goals (which I’m choosing to keep between John and myself for the time being) and a going forward plan that he and I will work together with to tweak and adjust as we need to.

At a very basic level, part of the day to day plan is:

  • Back to focusing on clean eating and getting a hold back on my nutrition.  I’m really thinking about what I’m eating and why I’m eating it.  Does eating something bad for me in a moment help me achieve my long term goals?  Is it worth slowing down that progress?  Sometimes it will be, sometimes I will find moments of weakness – but I really need to be thinking about WHY I’m eating what I’m eating when I’m eating it.  Have you used eating so many times in a sentence?  #eating
  • I really like classes vs. working out on my own – so John is working with me with the weekly programming (and adjusting that day’s programming so I can participate in class at least three times per week, but still do what I need to do that’s right for me) and also giving me one bit of personal programming to do on my own.
  • I will dedicate one hour in the gym per week solely focused on mobility and recovery.
  • John will be checking in on me (via my blog and drive-bys at the gym) to see if I am staying on track.  I will (as I have always been) be honest in my blog and if he starts seeing a pattern of me missing workouts for no good reason, he’s going to call me out on it.  I need that accountability.

Onto the Workouts


Given the above I started this on Monday and the accountability factor already kicked in.  In a throwback to one of my Focus 2014 items (reading) – I started reading City of Thieves by David Benioff.  One of those reads that I couldn’t put down and I stayed up way too late on Sunday night reading it (subsequently, I finished the book last night). You can read my quick reviews on the books I read here.  Anyway – I fell asleep super late and then had trouble getting up the next Morning.  FUCK.  I had programming to do that day (in class) – and I had no good reason (like a priority value) that I didn’t get up.  So I went to the 7:30PM with Niko and got my workout in, knowing that I had plans on Tuesday night – which meant that I had to go to class less than 12 hours later in the 6:30AM.

  • 5 x 10 Front Squats (95#)
  • 5 x 15 Ring Rows
  • 3 x 15 External Rotations (5#)
  • 3 x 15 bicep curls (10#)

Weight was perfect (legs are sore today).  The last set got heavy.  Turned the FS and the RR into a couplet.  Worked out well.  Did two warm-up rounds at 43# and 75#.  Been doing external rotations consistently and my right shoulder is feeling stronger. Dare I go up to 7.5# next time? Ben also gave me some pointers on head position doing ring rows so my neck didn’t hurt.Since I was semi-participating in class, I also watched some amazing dudes (Matt, Tucker, Niko, and Andy) all get PRs on their back squats.  Was awesome to watch them.  Loved watching Niko get a PR on his back squat of 225# which is essentially 1.5x his body weight. I mean, seriously.  Who is this guy?  I am also totes jelly that he can officially back squat more than me.  (I also know I am totes to old to be using totes jelly).  Tucker, Andy, and Matt all did a great job as well – just really awesome to see them all PR.


Morning – John was coaching the class!  Which was kind of awesome.

4 rounds

  • 15 DB shoulder to overhead (17.5# / each)
  • 2 minutes on the airdyne

Rest 5 minutes.  I actually rested 4 minutes and about 30 seconds between rounds and it was fine.  I wasn’t doing an all out sprint per my programming – but was definitely at a pace where I “didn’t want to talk to anyone” during – which is what John programmed.  Cherry picking SUCKS in the long term and I learned that the hard way.  Definitely good to get the heart rate pumping, haven’t done that in awhile 🙂

Legs are sore.  Rest day tomorrow, maybe I will get some mobility in.





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