Happy Valentine’s Day!


Morning class, John was still coaching as Dizzle is on daddy duty this week.


A1) Deadlifts
Int:3x (4-6) 125, 145, 175

*I think I went too light on these.  They were too easy

A2) Beg:3x (10-12) w/ DB Press (17.5#)
Partner Workout
Deadlifts @105#
Handstand holds hold DB press overhead (17.5#)

*Partner 1 Must complete Deads before switching with partner 2
*Partner 2 will be holding a HandStand against the wall while partner 1 is Deadlifting
*Deads can only be completed while the other partner is holding a Hand Stand

Worked out with Leila, we were able to get 4 rounds each in.  Can’t hold overhead with right shoulder (without assistance from my left arm – like if I did it with a barbell) so had some troubles maintaining position on this one.  Just modified a bit and it worked out.

Short post today, but also wanted to post this video of fellow 6:30am-er Eric attempting do to a 165# snatch.  While usually at the gym we have a three rep try rule, Eric was super determined that he was going to get it.  And well, just see what happened.

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