It’s definitely winter here in New England.  Yesterday was a programmed rest day – so I went to PT and had my shoulder worked on and hung out with Izzy the PT dog.

The night before (Tuesday) I hung with some of my Turbine peeps and we tried to play the first round of Mage Knight – a super nerdy table top board game.  SO MUCH FUN.  Since we were all learning, and it’s a long game in general, we only got through one round (day time).  I won that round (just saying…) and therefore am awesome.  I played as Arythea.I won by going all YOLO in a cave in the desert and defeated a monster with my ranged fiery attacks.  I’m telling you because it was the type of deed of which I gained no reputation – and I want everyone to know I murdered that beast! Anyway, this allowed me to get the most points in the round, and I take it as a WIN.

photo 1 (15)


Thanks for the nerdy break.  So, anyway … it’s WINter here and stormy.  And we had a big storm come in called Pax.  Yea, serious, PAX.  Like the convention. Only not as fun and not something that I’m tasked with planning for work.  Anywho…

Niko and I were both working from home because of Pax and decided that we would do the workout at home because it was a rowing workout and we own an erg.  It was 6 x 500m row – negative splits.  Little leery about rowing as of late because my hip gets really tight, but wanted to see how it went.  I only ended up getting 2.5 rounds in because my hip got SUPER tight and I also felt like I was going to puke.  Good news is that I learned that I am much more of an efficient rower at the 6 setting on the dampener.  Shoulder and arm felt great when rowing.  My times were 2:06.7 and 2:01.1.  Right as I was beginning the third round, the power went out!  I started my third round in the dark and about 1/2 way through I thought I was going to vomit. Not sure if it was because of the motion and the darkness (I’ve been prone to motion sickness, historically).  Stopped the workout – didn’t feel super broken up about it because John has it listed for me as an optional one anyway. Nice to get a little cardio in.  Niko did the rest of his sets in the dark.  He still ended up getting negative splits and putting up a good final time.

How I started my day.  Too bad I had to do work.  This seemed like a good way to spend it!

How I started my day. Too bad I had to do work. This seemed like a good way to spend a snow day!

Flashlight and a rower!

Flashlight and a rower!

Being at home all day is REALLY hard on the nutrition front, but I stayed strong.  Been a good week (food-wise) for me – trying to do a sugar detox of sorts (no candy or sweets – even for cheat days) for two full weeks.  I wish I could say it was easy.  I JUST WANT SOME REESE’S PIECES!

The body I want  immersed in the candy I crave! #conflicted

The body I want immersed in the candy I crave! #conflicted





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