Let It Go…


Great movie, great song.  Not really the subject of this post. Went to see Rockett today and got a diagnosis on my shoulder. Turns out I have frozen shoulder.  Not the best diagnosis, but certainly not the worst. Likely from a combination of my injury to my shoulder, past trauma to my shoulder…and surprisingly diabetes.  (Which I have type 2).  They are unclear as to the exact reason why diabetes can be a risk factor, but about 20% of diabetics get frozen shoulder, compared to 5% of non-diabetics.  So between the two – yay!  I was destined.  Recovery definitely on the horizon (it’s not a condition that lasts forever) but it could take months, if not a year.  I finally have a diagnosis – so I guess it’s time to move forward and just let all the worrying and conjecturing go.  It is what it is, and I just have to make a plan to get better and not become a lazy bum.

Having said that, while I am being really good about my nutrition, I am very temporarily drowning my sorrows by eating a small bag of my favorite chips. #worthit

image (3)

Not much more to type about this now, plus my right arm is KILLING me because of the cortisone shot I had injected into my shoulder earlier today.  Stay tuned, readers.



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