Had to go to the gym this morning, time to rip the band-aid off and get back to working out.  Knew that I had to take it easy on weights and stuff, but was unprepared for just how easy I would have to take it.  Like Jarrod has reminded me at times, I am not quitting crossfit anytime soon – I have as long as I need to recover – so I need to just take my time and mentally prepare myself for a slow ramp up.

Today’s workout:

Power Clean Practice
For Time
8-6-4-2 -12-10-10
Front Squats
Burpees Ring Rows
Boxjumps Step-Ups

I worked up to 75# for the clean practice – started using the training bar again – which is something I haven’t done in awhile.  Bicep was hurting on some of the lifts during the shrug into the rack – but overall it was okay – learning to let go faster at the top.  Decided that was the max weight I was going to go to and focus on form.  Started using that weight for the workout and that’s when things got frustrating.

2nd set of front squats, cleaned it and it pulled on my shoulder.  Radiating pain.  You know, the fun one that lasts about 15-30 seconds.  Had a small pity party and then pulled 30# off the bar and dropped to 45#.  Decided to do 12-10-10 for the front squats since it was a relatively light weight.  Okay, really light weight for me squatting. Slipped while doing ring rows and pulled my shoulder again – ouch.  Had to put chalk on the floor to keep my feet from slipping (sorry, Will and Marc – if you even read this…) Final time: 9:49

Then off to PT where I chatted with Craig about the plan for my shoulder in the coming months.  Lots of stretching.  Lots of it.  My girl, K.Jo in the 6:30AM class told me about how her mom had frozen shoulder, and while it was a long path to get back – she is golfing and 100% back to normal (it took almost a year…).  While I’m not thrilled about her recovery time, it’s good to know that this condition isn’t permanent.  No shoulder to overhead – none.  Impact on my shoulder (like burpees, etc.) are not good either while it’s so inflamed.  When the inflammation goes down, I can start moving back to controlled burpees.  #everydayislegday  Going to meet with John tomorrow to workout a plan for me and the gym.

Life is ruff for Izzy.

Life is ruff for Izzy.

Izzy's new bad ass collar.  She's such a good dog!

Izzy’s new bad ass collar. She’s such a good dog!

Randomly, it smells like bacon right now.  I guess it’s time for me to stop blogging.



  1. I am injured too and figuring out the right balance between getting a good workout and re-hurting myself. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself too badly!

    • Thanks. It’s frozen shoulder – so not permanent, just a long slog to get back to being 100% healthy 🙂 I think you just need to take your time – I mean – there is no rush, right? You’re always going to want to get better…always…

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