Three Jobs

So, since moving back to New England 7 years ago, after being in Los Angeles for close to 12 years, I’ve worked three jobs.  Once at Turbine, then at 38 Studios, then at Turbine again.  At all three places, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Devon Cady-Lee, an immensely talented artist.  He has since left Turbine to go work for a company in Seattle, but as a parting gift, I kindly requested (forced, via threats) that he draw me a cat related picture.  It was said in half-jest / half-for-realsies because if he actually took me seriously, I would be honored.  I mean, he is insanely talented and for him to shed some of his artistic talent on something for me … awesome.  And if not, I get it – it would just be a running joke for us (because those of you that know me, know that I never forget, and will carry on an old joke for way too long…)  Devon left Turbine for the 2nd time in late September 2013 and he’s definitely missed.

Someone at work came up to me today and said “Did you see what Devon posted on Facebook? He tagged you.”  I went to his site and found this awesome-ness.  A custom picture, made for me.  In his words:

“Now it’s Dex-Starr, the rage kitten from the Red Lantern Corps! This one is for a friend whose workin’ on a DC game, who reeeaaally enjoys cats”


I mean, seriously awesome.  I love it. You can check out his other works on his site: and if you want to watch him create his art – you can watch him live stream here:  Thanks, Devon!

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