Today was my first day back at Craic in about 1.5 months.  Seems like forever, and I definitely had some jitters walking through the doors for the workout.  The workout, as written was get to your 1RM backsquat, using some German method of some sort to get there.

John was coaching, and since me 1RM’ing today would likely frustrate me, he told me to do 6×10 front squats (shoulder won’t let me get into back squat position).  Was awesome to be back in the 6:30am class. Will definitely be targeting the morning classes now, as night time is too crazy and something always comes up.  Worked out with Sheila, who was cracking me up because she was like “I can’t do probably more than 100#” for her back squat.  She ended up maxing out today at 155.  So awesome and so happy for her.

Squatting is my favorite movement for Crossfit, so it was a great way to start back up.  No media for this one.  Just shout outs to Sheila for her 1RM and Sara McEvoy for hitting her three-year long goal of 220# BS.  It was awesome to watch.




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