This would be me...and why I'm terrified of hurdles.

This would be me…and why I’m terrified of hurdles.

Those squats yesterday.  They murdered my legs.  If I’m standing still for a long time (like I do at my desk) or sitting and try to stand up, it’s painful.  But in a good way.  In a way which I know I will get stronger.

I’m going to call out (1) Niko and (2) Will the Intern.

Me (Monday): Wednesday is a running and rowing partner workout.  I wish we could team up.

Niko (Monday): Yea, that would be fun. But I’m going to the 7:30PM class.

Niko (Tuesday night): Sorry I can’t do the partner workout with you tomorrow.  

Me: You “can’t” or don’t want to get up at 6:30AM and go to that class?

Niko: …

Since I knew Niko wasn’t going to be able to do the partner workout, I asked Will to come to the 6:30 class, since he sometimes goes to that…and we could partner. Will said he would show up.

Text, 6:08AM, from Will: Just woke up super late. Sry.


Today was programmed 1RM push jerk and then with a partner 10 minutes run 200 (rest while your partner is running) 5 minutes rest and then 10 minutes row 200 (rest while your partner is rowing).  I did mobility during the push jerk part, as I tried to clean 45# and it gave me a sharp pain in my shoulder.  Will and Niko not showing up actually worked out because I got to partner with Sheila on the run / row workout and it was great.  I felt really good on the rower and the runs felt okay.  While they were pacing workouts, they kind of kicked my ass – a month and a half off doesn’t do wonders for your stamina.  Having said that, it was good to get my heart rate up a bit and moving.

Prior to me coming back to Craic, I spent the weekend in Newport with Niko.  It was a beautiful weekend!

Gorgeous Weekend

Gorgeous Weekend



Date night outfit.

Date night outfit.







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