This weekend was a total a-hole. Okay, not a total one, but Sunday definitely was.  Not going to go into details quite yet, but my cat, Feynman, has a rough road ahead of him.  He’s been with Niko and I since the beginning.  So any good thoughts you could send his way would be appreciated. I spent most of yesterday crying.

Feynman, the man!

Feynman, the man!

Then, in Jarrod’s words, I was kind of an a**hole to myself testing out my front squat today.  But I am okay with it, and quite frankly didn’t have the mental capacity to not be an a**hole to myself during the lift.  Lift scenario was 5-3-3-1-1-1.  I wanted to test out where I was.  I did 115-125-145-155-165f – I didn’t even re-attempt 165 again.  I should have gotten 165, but let’s be real – while I took 1.5 months off from Crossfit COMPLETELY, I took another 1.5 months off from serious training.  So I’m okay with 155# as my bar.  It’s 30# off my PR and definitely a goal to strive for.

That’s all for today.  Remember to send food vibes to my main gato, Feynman.


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