Oh Hai!

Hai Friends and those of you that are still cruising past my blog.  Been struggling with what to post, if anything, for awhile now.

I decided to take an un-structured hiatus from Craic / Crossfit.  My return date is yet to be set.  I’m really happy with my decision.  The pressure of trying to find workouts to do without making my shoulder worse started to really eat at me.  I can’t describe it, but in an effort to try – I just felt too much pressure (all put on myself) when I was at Crossfit and constantly being disappointed with what was going on with my frozen shoulder situation – so for my own personal well-being, I needed to take a break with no distinct end in sight.

In the meantime, I’m working to figure out other things I can do so I can stay in shape.  My friend Barb introduced me to SoulCycle – and I went again today with my other friend Julie.  While it’s not something I’m going to do all the time, I’m going to make an effort to go 1-2 times / week at the very least.  I hate cardio and classes revolving around cardio in general – but there is something about SoulCycle that makes me happy when it’s done.  We shall see.


Sand Bagging

These are quite possibly the CUTEST wild felines I have ever seen.  Not to be confused with Cat Sand.

These are quite possibly the CUTEST wild felines I have ever seen. Not to be confused with Cat Sand.

Only cat related Sand Bag I could find on the interwebs.

Only cat related “sandbag” I could find on the interwebs.

Today’s workout was a bench workout and one of the tests for No Bread, a healthy eating lifestyle type contest that Craic does a couple of times per year.  Jarrod asked me if I had a plan this morning, to which I said “No.” and he said “Well, I guess your plan was to just show up and that’s the most important.” I’m paraphrasing, I think that there was a “fuck yea” in there or something – but I was sleepy.  I didn’t even set my alarm this morning, I just happened to wake up in time.  Been a really shitty week emotionally, so I just haven’t been sleeping well, nor motivated to workout.  But I woke up and I showed up to Craic.  Boom.


3Rds For Time:
400m Run
21-KB Swings

I scaled / modified my version of Helen.  Tried a couple of practice swings with the 18# KB and it was way too light.  Went conservative and went with the INT weight which was 26#.  I think any heavier would have pulled my shoulder forward a bit too much, so I’m happy with the weight I chose.  As mentioned 1000 times on this blog, I really hate running.  Jarrod had us do a total of two 400m runs before the workout even started.  They felt terrible.  I went up to him before the workout and was like “Um, my runs are going to be REALLY slow – and this workout might take me like…more than 15 minutes” – but Jarrod was confident that wasn’t the case, especially because I was going light on the KB and doing ring rows instead of pull-ups.

He was right.  And called me and another person working out today sandbaggers 🙂 Final time was 11:42. Runs were uncomfortable, but not terrible.  So that’s an improvement, right?