Sunday Runday

Back in Los Angeles and after a hectic week, found out that Angelino had Sunday classes.  I had a brunch scheduled for later in the day, but wanted to make the class.  I had no excuse as to why I shouldn’t workout other than pure laziness and fear of what looked like a very hard workout – so I went.  I definitely need to get into a routine.

View of the gym and my first time working out in my Nike Metcons

View of the gym and my first time working out in my Nike Metcons

We started with a 700m run and for the last 200m we sprinted.  Then, as we all wandered back into the box, Karlos presented us with a small box filled with folded pieces of paper.  Once everyone was back from the warm up, we were informed that we were doing 2 tabatas prior to the workout using the 8 movements that we picked (4 per tabata).  I can’t quite remember all of the ones we did, but man, tabatas are terrible 🙂

Then we went into the workout, which was called Cerebrus.  I modified the crap out of this one:

3 Rounds for Time:

300m Run12x Single Arm KB Press (Rx 40+/30+) 10# bicep curls (6 per arm)
15x Box Jumps (Rx 24+/20+) step-ups
12x KB Swings 24#
10x Goblet Squats 10#
300m Run
6x Strict Pull-Ups ring rows
12x Knees-to-Elbow did these on the ground
15x Hand Release Push-Ups wall push-ups
5x Wall Balls (Rx 20/14) 10#

Final time: 26:10

This one was tough, but I got to break in my brand new Nike Metcons.  Short review: Awesome.  Better for varied workouts than the Nanos.    The runs felt really slow (and were actually slow) for me.  I am also having a hard time figuring out what weights to do.  I can’t tell if I’m choosing lower weights because I’m scared of not being able to do the workout (failing) or if I’m choosing them because (and this is what I tell myself) I want to ease back into Crossfit and not go to heavy too fast and injure myself all over again.  Most likely, it’s a combination of them both – but it’s something that I know that I’ll be constantly evaluating as I venture forth back into Crossfit.  Stay tuned, friends.

Crazy Craic Fitter

Got the opportunity to take a trip home to see Niko and the kitties, so I wanted to try to get at least one Crossfit workout in at Craic.  It’s always fun to go to a workout with Niko as well.  Was a nice to get my sweat on at my gym, and especially nice because the workout was back squats.

Workout was fairly straight forward:

3 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 1 (70% – 75% – 80% – 75% – 80% – 85%)

I got to take my first class with Coach Munch – and he’s a great coach.  I also worked out with Megan and started out doing the weights that she did, but wanted to bump it up a bit more (not a ton) for the last 3 – 2 – 1.  The most exciting part of the workout was that I was able to get into the back squat position for the first time in over a year.  It definitely stretched my shoulder a bit, but not in a bad way – just in a way where I know I need to work on my mobility. The most frustrating part of the workout was that I wanted to do more weight, but opted on being smart – so I talked to Coach Marc about what weight to work to.  He suggested that I do no more than 135#.  So I did the following rep scheme:

95# – 105# – 125# – 115# – 125# – 135#

Overall had no issues with the squats and was just happy to be back squatting again.  After the back squats, we all did an AMRAP:

10- Push Press 115/75 Ring Rows
200m Run
30- DUs Single Unders

Attention to all my readers – has anyone seen my double unders?  I seemingly have lost them completely and it’s super frustrating.  Overall AMRAP was a good quick burner – due to all the running I did this summer – the 200m run was super easy.  I’ll leave you all with these pictures from my visit home!