Good Morning

Evening classes are not conducive to working out for me.  There are so many things that I would rather do or have to do that enable me to avoid working out. I used to be a hard-core 6:30AM 4x / week (at least) crossfitter.  I needed to have a conversation with myself about starting that back up again.  This means going to bed early, not watching television (while in bed) until all hours of the night (my Switched at Birth marathoning will have to wait…) Woke-up at 5:55am this morning – I spent a good 10 minutes laying there, justifying why I didn’t need to go to the 6:30AM class.  Here are a few of my excuses:

  1. Mable (my cat) wants some extra cuddle time.  I’m not home all the time, and she deserves it.
  2. I’m traveling at the end of the week.  This will ruin my routine – I should just wait until I get back next week to start up.
  3. Today will be a long day at work.  I need the extra rest.
  4. My bed is so comfortable.
  5. Did I mention that Mable wanted to hang out with me?
  6. My ankle hurts.
  7. Good Morning America is about to start and I love Robin Roberts.

Turns out Mable was in the other room not wanting to hang out with me and all the other shit was just noise. I dragged myself out of bed and headed out to workout. Warm up, we did inch worms and my shoulder was bugging me a bit on the half-way push-ups – so needed to modify for Metcon part of the workout.

Small class, Wes (one of the owners) was coaching.  Workout below:

Snatch High Pull + Snatch (1RM) Snatch Pull Off the Ground – 35#
*high pull to chest
*quick reset after high pull
10min to find max skill work 

Bench Press (6×3) – 45#

Metcon – Score 108
15min AMRAP Ladder
10 Ring Push Ups Wall push-ups
10 Deadlifts – 65#
100m Run
12 Ring Push Ups Wall push-ups
12 Deadlifts – 65#
200m Run
14 Ring Push Ups Wall push-ups
14 Deadlifts – 65#
300m Run

*Starting at 10 add 2 reps after every run
*Add 100m to every run
*100m = 1rep

Snatch pulls felt good.  Need to engage the hips a bit more. Barbell work means scuffed up legs again.  Good look, right? I think I’ll go a bit heavier next time.  As a policy to keep me from going too crazy with the OLY lifts, I’m limiting myself to the 15# bar for the first month or so while I ease back into it.


Wasn’t sure how much to go on for the bench press.  45# seemed heavy enough, again, didn’t want to push it.  The Metcon was modified due to the shoulder stuff, but was a great workout.  The run part was … well … me running – so blargh.  Ended up with 108 reps (finished my run just as time ran out on my 18 rep ladder). I forgot how much you engage your hammies and core for deadlifts and your core for the push-ups (even on the wall).  Definitely trying to sit with good posture today as slumping will make for a very unhappy girl tomorrow. Other than being sore from the workout, really glad that I worked out.  I forgot how much a morning workout can set the tone for the day.

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