Slam Balls…Get REKT.

Two days in a row!  Went and worked out on Wednesday (9/14)  (Turns out waking up early makes you want to go to bed and sleep at a decent hour.  Biggest struggle I have right now is not wanting to eat everything in sight as my body gets used to working out.  Class in the mornings are really small, both classes so far have been three people (including me).

Turkish Get Up (5×3 each arm) Weighted shoulder rolls 15# kettle bells
Pistols (5×3 each leg) Focused on skill, one legged squats, foot behind ankle

Paused Front Squat (6×3) 75#
*3sec at the bottom

Metcon – 2+161
3 Rounds
60 Double Unders 120 Single Unders
40 Slamballs 40/30  20#
20 Front Rack Lunges 95/65 – 15#
*Alternating legs for lunges
**15min Cap

Obviously, TGUs weren’t going to work for me both from the balancing arm or the arm pushing the weight up. Focused on mobility for that one.  I liked the modification for the pistols, really great practice balancing a squat on one leg.

I *thought* I was going “light” for the squats because I was about to travel – but turns out 75# gets pretty heavy when doing that three second squat at the bottom.  Squats were tough, but were a ton of fun.  I heart squats so much.

The metcon was, in a word…terrible.  I thought that the walking lunges (albeit a very low barbell weight) were going to be the worst part – turns out picking up and slamming down a 20# slamball over and over again sucks.  EXHAUSTING.  I did single unders, have never used a speed rope before (that’s all they had) and couldn’t get my rhythm for double unders with them. I think I also had too short of a rope, so need to figure that one out.


Left for the rest of the week for business travel and a visit up to Boston.  Not feeling particularly well, but hoping to make it to class tomorrow morning.

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