This weekend was a total a-hole. Okay, not a total one, but Sunday definitely was.  Not going to go into details quite yet, but my cat, Feynman, has a rough road ahead of him.  He’s been with Niko and I since the beginning.  So any good thoughts you could send his way would be appreciated. I spent most of yesterday crying.

Feynman, the man!

Feynman, the man!

Then, in Jarrod’s words, I was kind of an a**hole to myself testing out my front squat today.  But I am okay with it, and quite frankly didn’t have the mental capacity to not be an a**hole to myself during the lift.  Lift scenario was 5-3-3-1-1-1.  I wanted to test out where I was.  I did 115-125-145-155-165f – I didn’t even re-attempt 165 again.  I should have gotten 165, but let’s be real – while I took 1.5 months off from Crossfit COMPLETELY, I took another 1.5 months off from serious training.  So I’m okay with 155# as my bar.  It’s 30# off my PR and definitely a goal to strive for.

That’s all for today.  Remember to send food vibes to my main gato, Feynman.



This would be me...and why I'm terrified of hurdles.

This would be me…and why I’m terrified of hurdles.

Those squats yesterday.  They murdered my legs.  If I’m standing still for a long time (like I do at my desk) or sitting and try to stand up, it’s painful.  But in a good way.  In a way which I know I will get stronger.

I’m going to call out (1) Niko and (2) Will the Intern.

Me (Monday): Wednesday is a running and rowing partner workout.  I wish we could team up.

Niko (Monday): Yea, that would be fun. But I’m going to the 7:30PM class.

Niko (Tuesday night): Sorry I can’t do the partner workout with you tomorrow.  

Me: You “can’t” or don’t want to get up at 6:30AM and go to that class?

Niko: …

Since I knew Niko wasn’t going to be able to do the partner workout, I asked Will to come to the 6:30 class, since he sometimes goes to that…and we could partner. Will said he would show up.

Text, 6:08AM, from Will: Just woke up super late. Sry.


Today was programmed 1RM push jerk and then with a partner 10 minutes run 200 (rest while your partner is running) 5 minutes rest and then 10 minutes row 200 (rest while your partner is rowing).  I did mobility during the push jerk part, as I tried to clean 45# and it gave me a sharp pain in my shoulder.  Will and Niko not showing up actually worked out because I got to partner with Sheila on the run / row workout and it was great.  I felt really good on the rower and the runs felt okay.  While they were pacing workouts, they kind of kicked my ass – a month and a half off doesn’t do wonders for your stamina.  Having said that, it was good to get my heart rate up a bit and moving.

Prior to me coming back to Craic, I spent the weekend in Newport with Niko.  It was a beautiful weekend!

Gorgeous Weekend

Gorgeous Weekend



Date night outfit.

Date night outfit.








Today was my first day back at Craic in about 1.5 months.  Seems like forever, and I definitely had some jitters walking through the doors for the workout.  The workout, as written was get to your 1RM backsquat, using some German method of some sort to get there.

John was coaching, and since me 1RM’ing today would likely frustrate me, he told me to do 6×10 front squats (shoulder won’t let me get into back squat position).  Was awesome to be back in the 6:30am class. Will definitely be targeting the morning classes now, as night time is too crazy and something always comes up.  Worked out with Sheila, who was cracking me up because she was like “I can’t do probably more than 100#” for her back squat.  She ended up maxing out today at 155.  So awesome and so happy for her.

Squatting is my favorite movement for Crossfit, so it was a great way to start back up.  No media for this one.  Just shout outs to Sheila for her 1RM and Sara McEvoy for hitting her three-year long goal of 220# BS.  It was awesome to watch.




Oh hai! PAX East is over!

Long time since I posted.  Some because I haven’t been working out, but mostly because I’ve been crazy preparing for a big show for my company called PAX East.  Lots of media about PAX in this post so you can see what I do in my other life.   It was an awesome show and I hope that I did good by the Infinite Crisis team and all the hard work they put into making this game a success.  We had a huge tournament and I got to met all the Infinite Crisis pro players in person and they were so fun.   Niko also got to stop by and see the madness – was neat to have him finally see what I do at such a large scale.  See below for a timeline of events with corresponding pictures.

It all started with turning this:

photo 1 (19)

Into this:

photo 5 (3)


One of the players didn’t submit his player portrait in time, so I made the call to include a picture of my cat, Lily, as his profile picture.  This went live in front of thousands of fans online and at the venue!  Lily is famous!

photo 2 (21)

 Below is me with my alter ego, Catwoman, and a pro player from Team Dignitas, AndzQ.  Both are awesome.

photo 3 (14)

Me and my buddy, Will.  A/K/A Will the Intern.  He’s a Craic head who I got an internship for at Turbine.  He’s learning Infinite Crisis.

photo 4 (8)


My co-worker Russ as Starro and his two kids (Supergirl and Doomsday).  EPIC.



photo 1 (20)

Wrecks having a staring contest at the end of the day.  No one can beat him. #getfrisky #championship belt

photo 2 (22)

Me and my boy, Erik.  Love this guy.  It was his 30th birthday and he spent it working in the Infinite Crisis booth.  

photo 3 (15)

Johnny D and Susie Diesel’s son, Jack checking out Infinite Crisis at PAX East.  He and his friends appeared to have fun.

photo 4 (9)

My friend and colleague, Nick, doesn’t smile in pictures.  Which results in him looking miserable to be in any picture with me.  I finally got him to smile.  We might have had some libations prior. Good way to end PAX East.

photo 5 (4)

Did I mention that I have one of the best jobs, like ever?  So great to have amazing colleagues and friends to share the experience with.  Also, if you’re paying close attention, you can see that I *might* have discovered that I can drink alcohol again.  Experimenting with tequila, and so far, so good.

Getting back to working out next Tuesday.  Going to truly ease back into things and be smart about what I do.  Priority number one is getting my shoulder back to a healthy state.  Meow.



Today, Mike “Dork” Kenndy, is being laid to rest after passing away in the line of duty, fighting a fire in downtown Boston.  He was 33.  I did now know him as well as others, but I consider myself very lucky to have known him.  He was a great friend, Crossfit coach, former Marine, Boston Fire Fighter…and so much more.

My first pair of Reebok custom nanos say “Craic Stina” because that’s what he dubbed me in my first months of Crossfit because I dove right into the Craic / Crossfit community.  It just seemed to fit.  I started Craic right as a very tumultuous time was going on in my career, and with Dork, Jarrod, John, Glen, Sara and the other coaches at Craic provided me a community where I could forget about what was going on there and focus on making myself healthier and stronger (mentally and physically).  For that, I will always be in debt to my Craic family – which Dork was a large part of.

My heart and prayers go out to his family and close friends, especially Wessmann and Ben.  RIP, Mike.  Thank you.

I found this picture on Facebook of him that his friend Kristin posted.  It’s a fitting one for me to post here on my blog.



Mike “Dork” Kennedy

RIP Mike “Dork” Kennedy.



I am thankful that when I last saw him a few weeks ago we hugged. He played a unique role in the Craic community as well as many other gyms fortunate to have gotten to know him. Mike was a hero who died doing something he loved. I’ve never met anyone quite like him. The sheer volume of people affected by his sudden and tragic passing is a huge testament to the size of his life and the impact he had on both the Boston-area CrossFit community as well as the Boston Fire Department.

Please join me in celebrating Mike by sending positive thoughts to his family and loved ones, and by telling the ones you love how you feel. Tragedies like this remind me to never take anyone’s life for granted.


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Birthday Gym Visit

Went to PT. Progress is happening. Mobility is improving for front movement. Side and back, not so much – but step by step I guess.

Today is Niko’s birthday and instead of going to a fancy dinner, he opted to do this instead:



What a difference a year makes, eh? This time last year I was spinning my wheels convincing him that he should try Crossfit and him basically telling me it wasn’t going to happen… I guess I can be pretty persuasive. 😉

Happy birthday, Niko. I love you.

Laying Low

Went to PT yesterday.  Seeing some real progress on my shoulder mobility.  Which is a good thing to see.  I also got a fancy pulley to do shoulder work every day.  It’s super low-tech, but the technology / mechanics of it seems to have withstood the test of time.  They haven’t even upgraded the box design – that’s how confident they are in the technology 🙂


Actual box for the pulley that I received in 2014.

After a lot of thought and discussion, I’ve decided to take the next month off from Crossfit. My shoulder has been out of whack for so long, I am completely out of balance.  When I do workouts, the balance is so off, I inevitably injure some other part of my body.  I am going to take this next month to focus on rehabbing my shoulder and come back to Crossfit more balanced and ready to start getting back into a fit CrazyCatfitter.  This isn’t to say that I won’t be updating my blog, but just wanted to make people aware.

Also, as a side – between now and PAX East (April 11th – April 13th) I am going to be really focused on that show and prep for it.  That also has a wee bit to do with my decision as well. #priorities


On an unrelated topic, one of my bestest pals lives in San Francisco.  Post college, we lived near each other in Los Angeles. She would come over and my cat, Feynman (the orange one, for those keeping score) wasn’t particularly nice to her.  This re-enforced her hatred of cats.  Then, a couple of years ago, when I was in SF on business, we grabbed dinner and she told me about her new boyfriend.  She told me that he had two cats and that might be a deal breaker.  Since then, she has not only moved in with the boy, she has also become a crazy cat lady like me!  This is a text conversation we recently had:


Yes, we both, not knowing the other did, got some matching Vans sneakers.  Here’s a picture of them close up so you can see just how much of a Crazy Cat Lady she has become.  She loves her cats, Selah and Dr. Sax.  We FaceTime a lot so we can see each other’s cats.  #besties


Epic kicks, yo. We both own these. MEOW.



Cry Baby


Big week last week.  Didn’t get a workout in other than Monday.  But we launched a game into Open Beta – and that’s a win 🙂

Went to PT a couple of times last week – Craig did some crazy and extremely painful stretching of my shoulder.  No idea why, but completely burst into tears and couldn’t stop. #cantstopwontstop  Not usually a crier, so…yea…I guess sometimes we all need a good cry?  He ordered a pulley for me to do stretches every day.  Not entirely sure of what that will entail – but picking it up later today.  Hopefully the stretchies won’t make me a cry baby again.



What Do You Fight For?

So, I’ve had some late nights and little sleep.  Last night we kicked off a 24-hour stream to celebrate Open Beta for the game I work on, Infinite Crisis.  In case you’re wondering what it is, here is the trailer for the game.  Loving it.

Also, since it was an Infinite Crisis slumber party, we all got some footie pajamas.  Love them! (Although they kind of make me look like a Hobbit)