Running in the Cold

Busy day on Tuesday – couldn’t get a workout in. I didn’t even stay home and play Civ V, I actually had a business dinner I had to attend that evening.

Last night (Wednesday) went to the 7:30PM class coached by Ben.  I almost didn’t go, but since I was a lazy ass and slept in on Wednesday morning – I didn’t really have an excuse not to go.  In my defense, I am still having trouble falling asleep.  Any way, workout was AMRAP 20: Run 400, 10 DB squat, 10 DB push press, 10 sit-ups.  No idea what weight to do, so I looked on the board and saw Dickson had done 22.5 – so I went with that.  I was going to puss out on the run (1) because of my ankle and (2) because it was effing cold.  Ben challenged me a bit on the running, so I decided to go and see how it felt (since the 200m runs felt good last week) and if it was terrible, I would do air dyne.

Speaking of air dyne, Jarrod is haunting me from his class because he gave Ben the awesome idea to make us all do air dyne sprints as a warm up.  They were terrible.  Then, we had to do couch stretch and I couldn’t even stay in the position.  I opted to stretch my calf / ankle muscles instead.

Happy to say, I’m glad Ben challenged me a bit because I ended up doing the whole workout with the run.  I managed to squeak out 4+200m run in the 20 minutes.  Transitions were a bit slow because i was putting on my sweatshirt in between running outside and the inside movements.  Running was slow and steady (and cold!) – it’s just going to take conditioning and I also have to come to terms with, for the time being, for running workouts, I’m likely going to be one of the last to finish (or get the lowest score).  But all we are is competing with ourselves, right?  I mean, that’s what all those internet memes say and I believe everything I read on the internet.



Kinda Sorta Workout

So, not really a workout at all.  The workout was run 1 mile spend 20 minutes doing Turkish get-ups and then 1 mile.  I emailed my PT to see if I could practice them at 5 pounds, and he said so long as there is no pain in my right shoulder.

I did 8 minutes on the air dyne instead of the run (ankle sprain) and didn’t go very hard.  Then I tried the Turkish get-ups and it hurt immediately.  I used the 20 minutes to work on shoulder mobility, and then I did 8 more minutes on the air dyne.  Feeling meh about my workout.  But sometimes you just have those days!

Niko, on the other hand, did 2 sub-7 minute miles.  IT WAS AWESOME to see him make those gains.  I am really proud of him.  His last 1 mile was 7:24.  He shaved off 30 seconds from his previous time and did a time of 6:54 and the second mile he did was 6:58.  That was on tired legs from doing the weighted lunges earlier in the week.  Can’t imagine how fast he’ll go when he has rested legs.  #myhusbandisawesome

This is the cutest story ever, by the way.

kitten1 kitten2


Mother’s Day

Me and my momma circa 1978

Me and my momma circa 1978

Got results from my latest MRI.  Was hoping that it wasn’t a tear, and turns out  it’s just tendinitis in my bicep and my rotator cuff.  No shoulder to over head for at least four weeks and PT for the next six weeks.  Really excited that it’s not a tear and focusing on recovery these next couple of months.

Got an early morning workout in with Jarrod yesterday.  Did a bunch of work on clean skill work, mostly footwork and getting under the bar.  Got up to 135 (off the small jerk boxes), but on a squat clean, not a power clean.  Then we went and did some 1 and 1/4 front squats.  Four sets of three at increasing weight. 115#, 125#, 145# and then 165#.  165 was hard, but I was able to get three done which was awesome as 165 is my current 1RM and I was able to bust out three of them.  I wanted to go for my 1RM after that, but Jarrod wouldn’t let me because he’s a jerk face.  Or he wouldn’t let me because I had just spend the past 50 minutes doing a bunch of squat cleans and heavy front squats… I don’t know.  Excited to go for my 1RM back squat and front squat.

After, did a quick 3 rounds.  30 seconds flutter kicks, 30 seconds superman hold, 30 seconds AD sprints.  90 second rest between rounds.    The core work was great, the airdyne sprints suck ass.  I managed to get 16 cals on the first two rounds and barely managed to squeak out 14 cals for the last round.   PAIN.

Last night I had a very restless sleep.  I had some anxiety dreams (I think in anticipation of judging the Regionals!)  The first dream was that I saw all my friends at Regionals and was socializing with them when I realized I missed check-in / judges briefing and then they wouldn’t let me judge.  The second was a twist on the dream I have a couple times a year where I’m in college and I’ve forgotten to register for any classes, thus missing out on the entire semester.  Anyway, didn’t get up for the 6:30am class – so I’m headed into the 7:30pm class tonight.  Feel the fear and do it anyway, right?



Air-Dying – Team Workout

Love team workouts.  There’s just something about being supported by a partner that makes you want to do better.  Today, was a rowing team workout and I got to team with one of my most favorite people at Craic – BABS (Bad Ass Barbara!)  Here’s a picture of us post-WOD.  She is awesome and I’m so happy that I got to workout with her today!

photo 2 (3)

The workout was a hero WoD called Tosh. We did a team version of it:

Partner Rowing TOSH
In teams of 2 complete 3 rounds each
Row 200m – rest while your partner goes
Row 400m- rest while your partner goes
Row 600m- rest while your partner goes

I did a 600m row as a warm up and when I got off the rower, my wrist started cramping up.  I was REALLY hoping that the short-ish distances would allow me to row today, but it was not the case.  I think we know where this is leading…AIR DYNE.  Per Jarrod, I progressed in 10, 20, 30 cals instead of 200m, 400m, 600m.

The 10 cals was relatively easy. I was able to go at a fast pace and complete them in about 35-40 seconds.  20 cals got a lot harder…and 30 cals I thought I was going to die.  Also, there is some strategy to what placement you choose in the workout.  If you go second (which I did) after your 600m row (or 30 cal AD) you get hardly any rest after killing yourself, as your partner is beginning the next round with the shortest portion of the workout.  By the third round, I was toast and this was the first workout where I thought I might burst into tears.  The AD decimated me today.  In addition to that, Jarrod was making his rounds during the workout and happened to come by when I was finishing up my final cycle at 30 cal.  He walked up about 10 cals into it and started “motivating” me by telling me to go faster.  He was like “the faster you peddle, the faster you’re done” and telling me to push harder.  I was wondering why he was having me all out sprint, as I had 20 cals to go – and when we I got to 17 cals, he yells “Yea, push!  Only 3 more cals!”  Turns out he thought I was going for 20 cals and that’s why he had me speed it up.  Ugh.  But no, I had 13 cals left and I thought I was going to cry.  I pushed through and fell to the floor. The push helped, as I did the last 30 cals in my best time: 2:02. Final team time: 32:04.

Jarrod being the awesome coach he is, took this picture (without me knowing – CREEPER!)  with the caption “Air-Died”:

photo (9)


After I was able to gather myself together, I had someone take a pic of me on the air-dyne.  Probably one of the only times you’ll see me with a smile while I’m on it.  And as Niko will probably tell you – this is my fake smile.

photo 1 (3)

Help me! I’m Air-Dyning Here!

Today was a fantastic workout.  We did a strength portion, interval, and AMRAP (metcon).  When I read it on the website last night I was both excited and dreading it at the same time. John was coaching this morning and I worked with him to figure out where I should modify given my sprained ankle.  Running was out of the question, as was double unders.  We (and by “We”, I mean JOHN) decided that I would sub the air dyne for both.  I hate the air dyne.  It’s an incredibly efficient workout, but it’s also an instrument of torture.  Also, you look just plain silly while doing it.  My mod wod was as follows:

A) On the min for 10mins
Even – 3 Heavy Power Cleans – drop the weight on each rep
Odd – 7 Ring Dips/ Pushups
rest 3mins

B)Run 400m for time 1:40 on Air Dyne for calories
rest 5mins

C) 12min AMRAP
10 Box Jumps – step down (I stepped up too)
10 Toes to bar/Situps
10 Double Unders 5 cal on Air Dyne

Here’s what the class in front of me looked like mid-AMRAP:

EMOM: I started out with 95# for the EMOM, but John told my pal that he needed to go heavier, because it should be heavy enough that we drop the weight after every rep.  I bumped it up to 115# for the rest of the EMOM and that was just about perfect.  I did regular push-ups and they didn’t bother my shoulder at all.

INTERVAL: Did 1:30 on the air dyne for total calories.  Torture.  The first 30 seconds were great, I cruised through them.  Then it really started hurting for the last minute.  I swear, after this injury stuff is said and done, I’m going to have quads of steel.  I was hoping for at least 20 cals, I ended up getting 34 cals.  My legs were jelly when I got off.

METCON (AMRAP 12): Goal was to get a steady pace in and a good workout.  Not a full sprint, but just some steady hard work.  I was a bit disappointed with my final score.  6+18, but as I dissect it, I think it’s because I was stepping up and stepping down for the box jumps and doing 5 cal on the airdyne.  If I was doing double unders, I could have done a bit more.

Overall, the workout felt great. Having strength and some metcon provided for a really satisfactory workout.  I hope we do more like that.

So, about the No Bread Challenge.  I didn’t really participate at the end, as you saw from my dwindling posts about food and such. I just wasn’t feeling it this challenge.  I didn’t submit my before and after.  I was relatively good staying on the No Bread lifestyle with the occasional treat here and there.  I Craic as a whole has set me up to be more aware about what I’m putting in my body and to live a healthier lifestyle in general.  I managed to maintain my weight, but I definitely have some weight loss goals that I need to work harder towards.  I can’t wait to see who from Craic won.  I think Jay and Nicole have a good fighting chance of winning, but we’ll see.