Easing back in…Sure.

After a bit of a delay in Florida, I got back on Tuesday night.  Was determined to get into a workout on Wednesday and despite a restless sleep, got in to the 6:30AM class.  Initially it felt really good to be back 6:30AM with Jarrod and the crew.  And then I did the workout.

The workout, as written was 5 rounds, each for time, of 10 deadlifts and 250m sprint row with 2-3 minutes rest in between.  My hip is still a little out of shape, and rowing seems to make it tighter.  So I knew it was the air dyne for me. I figured I would just do the deadlifts and then do :45 on the airdyne.  But Jarrod had something far more devious in mind.  I could see it in his eyes, and knew from reading his blog, G’s blog, and Callahan’s blog I quickly realized that I was in trouble. He suggested I do airdyne sprints to 15 cals.  I pushed back with 10 cals, but ultimately decided to do it with 15 cals.  I was going light on the deadlifts because I’m trying to strengthen my back / hip and only went with 95# which was the right amount of weight.

The first round seemed easy enough.  I finished in :55 seconds.  I felt good about my decision to do 15 cals.  But before I knew it, round 2 was starting.  :59 seconds.  Round three, I wanted to die.  Like really, really die.  30-40 second airdyne sprints seemed like cruel and unusual punishment.  I mean, Callahan, Jarrod, and G did :15 – :20 sprints.  And had 4 minutes rest in between.  And no deadlifts to do.  (To be fair, they had to do like 12 rounds or something…so I’ll take my workout over that…) Round 3 slowed way down, like 1:13 or something like that.  And then I bumped it down to 10 cals for the last two rounds, but it still managed to take me 1:08 and 1:blah blah blah (I had no idea at this point, I couldn’t even think straight or write anything on my board).  It was terrible.  Also, my blood sugar went really low (thank goodness Cyndi was packing a banana at Craic yesterday)  I laid on the floor for a good 20 minutes at least.  At least I didn’t puke.  #silverlining

So much for easing back into it.  I guess I kind of needed that slap in the face on my first day back to get me into the swing of things.



A Year in the Making…and an AMRAP 25

So, I’ve been sitting on this news, but big news here – I wanted to wait until after he completed his intro sessions with Coach Glen.  Niko, after over a year of me pestering him to do Crossfit, started last week!  His first group class is tonight and I’m really excited for him.  He also admitted that he liked it more than he thought he would!  We’ll see how his first month goes, but I think he’s going to stick with it!

Me and Niko on vacation in Italy

Me and Niko on vacation in Italy

I woke up this morning with a small head cold.  Initially when I went to bed, I thought it was allergies – but it’s definitely a head cold.  I contemplated staying in bed, but thought that today’s workout would help me sweat it out a bit. Today’s workout was definitely a slog.  Goal was pacing.  AMRAP 25.

  • 200m run
  • 10 wallballs
  • 200 row
  • 10 jumping air squats

I chatted with John briefly before, knowing that programming these next coming weeks are to help us get better at the things we tested in the beginning of the challenge.  So instead of running and rowing, I did the air dyne for both.  Jarrod suggested that I do 1 minute of AD each time I was on it.  Definitely all about pacing.  They didn’t want us laying on the floor dying.  On the AD, I went at a good pace, not too fast, not too slow.  I managed to do all the wall balls unbroken during the sets (except the first two sets, I caught it wrong and the ball fell).  The jumping air squats snuck up on my quads, but got through them okay.  Final score was 7+8 cals on the AD.

Jarrod hooked me up with some Life AsRx swag so I stuck two stickers in my office.  I also got to nifty headbands.  Super excited!  Gotta keep that hair out of my face.

Hopefully I’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep tonight.





No Bread 5.0, Test 2

Today’s test was a running test, and the alternative was rowing.  I couldn’t really do either because the amount of impact on my ankle / foot for both ankles was not really great at a long distance and my wrist gets all effed up after about 750 meters. For the regular peeps, the running test was run 3K for time and if you can’t run, row 2K for time.  I was thinking that I might run, just slow and even wore my running shoes to Craic – but I wanted to be smart  and not  “ease” back into running by just going out there and running 3K meters!  In addition, my wrist / grip issues aren’t so great, so rowing 2K didn’t seem like a treat either.  Airdyne it was!

I went to the track with my fellow 6:30AM classmates and cheered them on.  To test a bit, I did the 400m warm up with the group, but my right ankle felt like something was cracking and snapping a bit.  So without a doubt, it was the airdyne for me. After discussing with John, he told me to do 15 minutes on the airdyne for calories.  I hate the airdyne.  Pedaling to nowhere.  I ended up getting 156 calories and it was rough.  Not going to say I’m looking forward re-testing this one, but it will be great to see how I progress over these next 50 days or so.

Taking Tuesday and Thursday off this week because John suggested we do so – so that we are primed for all the tests.



AM: Kids banana / apple slurper (pre-workout), bacon, eggs

MID: Salad w/chicken salad, veggie mix, bacon

PM: Sausages, avocado, almond crusted pork chops, unsweetened appple sauce

Snack: Handful almonds


AM: bacon, eggs

MID: salad, lots of veggies and chicken salad

PM: pork chop, salad greens with balsamic, avocado

Snack: bell peppers, almonds, taro chips, mixed nuts

I’ve been trying to drink a ton of water.  As Thug Kitchen will tell you:



I’m already starting to see some numbers go down on the scale, showing that this stuff actually works.  Still dedicated to pushing pretty hard during this challenge.  The one major thing I’m struggling with is mindless snacking.  I’m trying to just chew gum more and distract myself that way.  And also fill my tummy with water, lots of free fucking water.



AirDyne before AirPlane

Greetings.  I type this as I sit on a plane somewhere above the US.  I’m currently on my way to San Francisco for a business trip.  Must admit, it’s nice to get away from the snow and cold (and I hear I’m missing some lovely freezing rain!)

I didn’t want to go too hard this morning before my all day flight, so I opted to use today as a recovery day and do my airdyne homework that Jarrod gave me.  I upped my airdyne session to 15 minutes, per his instruction for calories.  He told me that my goal was to get at least 150 calories.  I wasn’t too sure how possible this would be going into it, but told myself to just keep a pace of at least 11 cals per minute and I would be more than golden. Strategy worked, but man, 15 minutes on the airdyne is so tedious.  I don’t know how people run on treadmills for hours or are on the elliptical for that long.  It’s not only a tough cardio workout, it’s also just mentally straining because you’re just fazing out.  I ended up getting 167 calories (almost spot on for my pacing) and Jarrod wants me to re-test at some point this week when I get back from SF.

I’m going to try to go to Lalanne Crossfit while I’m in SF, but it will be a last minute call – who knows how I’ll feel when I wake up tomorrow.  Also, the last five times I’ve gone to SF, I’ve gotten sick.  Hopefully not going to make this 6-6.

Jarrod posted this on his blog a couple of days ago, and I just had to re-post.  Love it.


Blizzard 2013

This week was a tough week mentally.  I wasn’t feeling motivated.  I’m just tired of all my injuries and dealing with them all the time.  I am trying to get on a path to making my body healthy and I feel that my body is betraying me…constantly.  Right now, I’m not really in a good head space – but I know this will pass.

To that end, I didn’t go to Craic on Friday (for reasons other than simply being unmotivated) and didn’t plan to go today with all the hub bub going on.  After all, the Blizzard of 2013 hit!  Instead of working out at the gym, I did a total of 5.5 hours of shoveling between our driveway, walkway, stairs, snow bank from the plows that formed at end of said driveways…Lifting, throwing, walking.  Not really a wordy post today, but I’ve got lots of visuals from the storm.  I must admit, Crossfit set me up for all the work I did today.  Prior to Crossfit, I would have lasted about an hour before I needed a lengthy break.  Today, I went for 3.5 hours before I needed a break – and that was just a quick one to guzzle down some Coconut Water and eat a light lunch.

photo 1 (4)

Hobo keeps watch over the snow

Deep snow!

Deep snow!

View of the snow

View of the snow



The neighborhood

The neighborhood

Snow WOD

Snow WOD

Lots of snow!  After being at home for over 24 hours, I was going stir crazy.  Just as I was mentioning to Niko that I was going crazy and needed to get out of the house, my friend Ann texted me and asked me if I wanted to go to Craic.  John, one of the owners, was headed there and having an open gym.  I immediately grabbed my stuff and was out the door!

Craic during a blizzard

Craic during a blizzard

While I was there, I didn’t want to do an entire workout as I was pretty hammered from today’s snow removal.  Instead, I did mobility, hung around the gym and then I did my airdyne homework that Jarrod assigned me for the week.  10 minutes for AMCalsAP.  I managed to get 19 more cals that the last time I did it so I was happy.

Air Dyne Homework

Air Dyne Homework

Here are some parting shots from the storm:

Dedham at sunset after the blizzard

Dedham at sunset after the blizzard

NoBread snack.  Black olives stuffed with cashews

NoBread snack. Black olives stuffed with cashews


My knee started bothering me yesterday.  Like…a lot.  Not sure why and I’m pretty frustrated.  The only thing I could possibly link it to is on Saturday during the team work out when I was doing a lateral bar burpee, I extended my leg back, it caught a bumper and I slammed my knee into the ground.  But I’m not sure why it didn’t bug me until yesterday.  It hurts whenever I bend my leg, so that’s awesome.

Ended up almost completely doing a separate workout from everyone else today because of said knee and shoulder issues.  The first part of the workout was to do assisted pull-ups but after doing two of them with my partner, my shoulder started to get all cranky so I did negative ring rows instead.  I then did 20# bi-cep curls.

Workout, as written was 5 rounds for time:

  • 7 thrusters
  • 7 pull-ups
  • 7 box jumps

I ended up doing 5 rounds for time:

  • 5 cals on AirDyne
  • 7 ring rows
  • 7 knees raises hanging from the bar


Speeded through the workout and finished in 5:17 .  The Air Dyne crapped out on me mid-way through so I lost about 15 seconds trying to fix it – so my “real time” was around 5 minutes.  Didn’t really feel like I got a good workout today, feeling really meh about it.  Oh well, we all have those days.  Let’s hope tomorrow is better.

John Jarrod Jackie

I read last night’s workout on the blog and and knew immediately I was going to have to modify it.  The workout was the benchmark workout, Jackie.  With wrist issues, rowing was out and shoulder, thrusters were likely out.  After conferring with Jarrod, I showed up thinking that I doing the plan he suggested: 70 sumo deadlifts, 50 front squats, 30 ring rows.  I was originally thinking that I might do the thrusters at low weight, but with that many reps, that was definitely a bad decision.

John was coaching this morning and I told him my plan. He hates sumo deadlifts and told me that instead of doing those or rowing, I was going to have some quality time with my BFF … the mother-effing AIRDYNE.   So with John and Jarrod’s input, I dubbed this workout John Jarrod Jackie.

Funnily enough, I was Googling “airdyne torture” to post a funny picture, and the first two links that came up were my friend Johnny D’s blog posts.  Guess I’m not the only Craic head who thinks that the AirDyne is torture.  Guess it’s working, as John just placed 4th at the last competition he did.

Here is the only “funny” picture that I could find.   Fitting since I watched some of the Matrix as I was falling asleep last night.  I kid you not.


Anyway, after I knew what I was doing, workout was pretty straightforward.  I got through the 40 cals in 2:29 and then broke up the front squats into sets of 10 and the ring rows into sets of 5 (which turned into 3 as I got towards the end of the workout).  My legs were toast as I got off the AD and doing that many front squats proved difficult.  It’s hard to breathe when the barbell is pressing into your throat.  Final time: 9:22 (45# FS)

I have a terrible feeling that the AD and front squats are going to be my BFFs for the next months as I rehab my shoulder.

Row Like a Pirate Day

So after making a bunch of excuses and getting called out by Jarrod and gently by Susie, I went into Craic dreading the 30 minute workout. I did a one legged row and 20 cals of the airdyne (instead of running).  So my mod wod was:


500m one-legged row

20 cals on airdyne

Here’s my workout set-up:

The one-legged row is a bit awkward, as you don’t quite know what to do with the leg you weren’t using.  Jarrod told me to not strap that foot in because it would remind me not to use it.  The airdyne, as predicted, sucked.  But it was such a good workout, my quads were burning by the time the 10 cal mark kicked in.   The side of my bum ankle felt really tight after all was said and done, but the 30 minutes went by surprisingly fast.  Overall, I’m glad that I went in and did the workout.  As mentioned in previous posts, I really need to work on my metcon / endurance and today was the perfect workout for that.  I was happy with my final score: 6+215m row. Chatted with Jarrod for a moment when all was said and done and was making fun of myself for making excuses last night and also that he called me out on it.  He said “Hey, as long as someone is willing to come in and do the work, I can make any workout work for them.”  So true.  No more excuses (well, at least for today).

I have to go home tonight and do my bullet proof shoulders routine for my shoulder.  Who knew these five pound dumbells could be instruments of such torture?

And for those of you that follow this blog, a reminder that I’m participating on Barbells for Boobs this weekend.  Anything you can donate would be appreciated and if you can’t donate money, please consider sharing the link so your pals can donate.  You can click on the image below to donate!  And you can copy and paste the following link if you’d like to share:  https://support.barbellsforboobs.org/individual-fundraising/CraicStina/

15 min AMRAP – Run, Snatch, Squat

Back at Craic today.  I took yesterday off to recover from the weekend.  Going to try to go Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday this week and take Friday off before I go and do Sonia’s Run this Saturday.

Today’s WoD was a 15 minute AMRAP.  Run 200, 10 hang snatches, 10 overhead squats

When I was warming up, my ankle started hurting me and when I was walking across the gym to get a PVC pipe, I felt something snap.  There was no pain, but I definitely didn’t feel stable.  I asked Jarrod what a good replacement was and he suggested I try the Airdyne.  Do 10 calories.  Sounded easy enough.  For those of you who don’t know what an Airdyne is, you can look it up here.  Basically it’s a bike that uses both your hands and feet to move – using almost all your muscles to pedal and pump.  

I did the Rx weight, which was 45.  I knew I could hang snatch that weight no problem and overhead squat it no problem.  I’m trying to challenge myself to do Rx weight whenever possible and not caring so much about the reps, but trying to get through it.  When I told Jarrod that I was thinking that I was going to do Rx, he looked at me as if I was stupid to think that there was even a chance that I wasn’t doing Rx.

My goal was to get at least 4 rounds complete and anything after that would be gravy.  For most, the ones who ran, the run was to be used a rest for your arms.  For me, not so much on the Airdyne.  I have decided that I hate the Airdyne.  Not only do you look like an ass while you’re on it (my friend, John, who is an amazing Crossfitter looks very silly on it…)  but you’re sucking wind the entire time and want to die.  So first round, got off the Airdyne and managed to get through the snatches and OHS unbroken.  It broke down like this:

  1. Airdyne 10 cals, Snatches into OHS unbroken
  2. Airdyne 10 cals, snatches 5-5, dropped bar, OHS unbroken
  3. Airdyne 10 cals, snatches 5-5, dropped bar, OHS unbroken
  4. Airdyne 10 cals, snatches unbroken, dropped bar, OHS unbroken
  5. Airdyne 10 cals, snatches unbroken, dropped bar, OHS unbroken

After I finished the 4th round, I was determined to bang out an entire 5th.  I did the snatches unbroken, dropped the bar with 40 seconds left.  Picked up the bar and banged out the OHS faster than I had the entire workout.  Finished at 14:52 – didn’t have time to get some calories under my belt on the Airdyne.

Final score: 5 rounds